Here's your at-home workout to get vacation ready

Tone House founder Alonzo Wilson shares a 10-minute workout full of cardio and sculpting moves.
6:16 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for Here's your at-home workout to get vacation ready
Here's some different excited to be doing all get yourself vacationers. It's a form ten minutes or the whereabouts do is definitely elevate your heart rate. It's going to be a little bit Carter vastly expanding or anybody it's also been helped. Sculpted body started that fat burning process for yourself throughout the day. First thing really do now we get Ari Gold from gonna start by driving he's a few times. Sort of drive those knees up hope goes on remembered he's still running. Even though your home you've got to make sure that she she's done it beautiful running again you wanna try to do this for at least thirty. Seconds twenty and thirty seconds we'll have stopped now ringel write it to push them walking to live threatening buildup that was the first one bushel walk out with just like there's. Local L come back. From the hotly official position stand tall local Al. Bring it back. Stand tall now we incorporate that puts you won't go out there. They have their push up. Well both him that he can't do push of this mine walking and now we need to go to the ground form of modified for ship. What you'll see in Tibet. Actual future body. Circuit one times. Thirty to 45 seconds. That we shall walk one tries at least ten reps to be your body of work. Now we're about to do to influence or drop back. Oh by exercise self rocked back and corporate files to a drive me that goes directly back to Iraq. I. Start off here is that a push. It push your body please your shoulders and mean yourself board stand tall and an accident. These forward dance all night and go right. Ford needs. Back forward. It's. Forward and it up. Do these one minute. Six. Corporate. Bob were about it. He's a paper weight of carpet wore khakis and active. You can use a paper towel. War wouldn't do now which. Arm extended looks just like this. Conflict with the position. We go all the way to count. All India and China could admit to the ground. Come back now that looks. Too much which you hold what you do is do model for a few goodies go way down. Always back up police you know. Remember everything as for time so do you want to do to a tribe did this or at least. Thirty seconds three sentences as will go over. Signals arms out because now I can go to the side. And on the paper plate. It's vital we do. More back up like. Now the last one who put all to shoot well. Well we've. How. It's not. The great thing about this exercise is completely tax that are that you're working. So you have to he has. Switching hands. Golden ball out. Back up. Out back up remembering what it is for about thirty seconds. You can go out to decide for thirty seconds. After that's done to incorporate. Leo. How. Office. It is going to be fun and exciting fun except. This exercised extremely. Intelligent. But it's awful lot of the show you one would you be doable with again. He's. Favorably or an active June and he does get put both feet in the senate. Of the Oslo inactive. Nice point push up position the start of those lives. Hope we'll let's. Keep their back flat. Would you want to do wonders for food thirty. Seconds. When she gets a thirty seconds. You can rest and after you get done. And arrest you going to something we'll have more advanced with a more challenges by now we gonna do now suggest that now. The single leg my car looks like this. You remove. One. Of your sliders Ford had him. Only the right what is going to be working the left would still be doing the same field it was doing. As if you add the black surface was elevated take a look. The left would never touch the ground. It still doing. The mountain climber is very very. Taxing on the body but it's also a lot of fun. A lot of trust me when it's really. What to do this exercise again. And thirty seconds to a minute move up to it but trust I think it's one. Now we're about to do wrangle scorpion push them so populism looks just like this. You're tackling was a position he before little push up again remember you can always communities need to. Feature over here bring his left foot all that was the scorpion tailed T test that you look back over. And let this of this. Bring a leg up it's been really we're going to court this work on the shoulders while left arm before was he would try to do. Thirty seconds left side. The left side of course you. Oh what do workout. Promise that if you continue to do this week's Freetown week in the morning and keep that fat burning go we've referenced that you indication that he.

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{"duration":"6:16","description":"Tone House founder Alonzo Wilson shares a 10-minute workout full of cardio and sculpting moves.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60320609","title":"Here's your at-home workout to get vacation ready","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/home-workout-vacation-ready-60320609"}