Improve your posture in 5 minutes with these yoga poses

Bad posture got you in a downward dog? Try these poses to relieve back pain and neck tension.
6:30 | 10/21/19

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Transcript for Improve your posture in 5 minutes with these yoga poses
Hi I'm staff from stepping up with staff and I am a certified yoga instructor as well as a health and fitness expert. And today I'm showing you yelled opposes say you can use to help improve posture and reduced neck taking. Pasture is such a buzz word today because so many Abbas when we're not have worked hunched over on her computers. Were hunched over looking hot art cellphone. You're chronic sleep in this war body mechanic position. Which is prohibiting you from being in good posture because you're you're essentially in port after all day long. I've got some great yoga poses that you can do. The end name and it attaches imposes you can do on your hands in neediest even lined up on your sound next. And all of these polices are going to help strength in the back of your body. Open up the front of your body and also relieve that tension in his upper back in different team we'll take you under five minutes so I recommend doing Italy's. Believe it or not this call it helps with posture. This is called mountain. Now it may look like and just standing here that really there's a lot on. First starting at my foundation might be our eyes wide at my head. And cracking down with all ten toes and lifting up through the Arctic then and squeezing likewise to poll my kneecap popped. Pulling my belly button. Mabel in towards my spine to stand up even straighter and support my ball back. And then my shoulder there that night chats is Altman and my arms are acts currently rotate it. McCain is lightning let dead and I squeezing my shoulder blades to gather. In my upper back so that I can open my cats but also to strengthen the muscles of my upper. From mountain hollows we're going to reach your arm out that's tied he and as you breed and we're really training these upper neck in beef up our back muscles to relax. As we reach the arms. So if you're reaching for things throughout the day you wanna reach but still release. Up there so as we have the arm up. We relaxed shoulders down we ground the root of feet and reached up through the fingertips. And breathe slowly in through the nose. And out through the nose. Now come down contract hands and knees for cat how itself. Lining up the rest directly underneath the shoulder and that he is directly underneath the hands. We're going to increase mobility in the upper middle and lower spine by first bringing shoulders back lift Dina had not. And speaking with us back and freezing in. And we do the reverse pulled enable it toward the spine row in the bath. And looked down with your kid an injured so fast you know yelling up. Act I do you. And an act feelings known around town and trying to reach the tail bone down towards the grounds. From Anthony is now we're going to move into up places. So we're gonna walk and forward just a couple of inches and shipped this shoulders forward over the rifts within needs back. Further than hits and you can pull this for a modification. With your App Store on it. For playing tucked the toes under and lift off. Then looking down just a couple of inches in front of you. Read here. Another great posed for posture is look it's pose. Coming down in tears comments make sure that you pulling your navel in toward your spot. Also how and to bring the legs closer together but if you blow back issues or need a modification to me it's a little bit easier. Go have an open no legs is why things. I'm gonna lower. Town onto the ground and reach my arms behind it. So from the estate you can start with your forehead and the next in your shoulders rafting down as you lift up the shoulder had they're going to looked up as well. The upper best reason he got her. Leave your flute. And then lift the leg up. And for an added bonus and we're working on posture you can open on open flank as you pop. And make sure the shoulders are pulling now at a punching your. Hold this for you right. Reverse prayer is a growth rate yoga pose that will help to open up the chats and it feels really good. First we're gonna bring the shoulder back and then bring in the hands behind. Now if you're of heights you can reach the fingertips towards each other here and just bring the elbows and shoulders back. And this will be your first possession. If you're a little more flexible and open in the shoulder sending you can go into all of reverse prayer. So walking hand up on your sign in between your elderly. And then pressing your palms together. At opening the album's opening chat about slowing the needle in toward trying to that you're not all over arching here. We're pulling in people in shoulders are back and checked flipped it clean here and taking you deep rat. For an act alone if you can scratch on this I think you're an act. By dropping one appeared to that same shoulder on the theme thigh. Holding curfew rap. And then coming back to spanner and going to the other side. In today's digital age heaven or posture is pretty inevitable. So stepping up an integrated Vizio opposes into your average daylight to yell instant relief. Now must say I'm. I.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Bad posture got you in a downward dog? Try these poses to relieve back pain and neck tension.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66165679","title":"Improve your posture in 5 minutes with these yoga poses","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/improve-posture-minutes-yoga-poses-66165679"}