How to get the medical help you need while social distancing

Telemedicine is the popular new way to see doctors about the coronavirus.
2:31 | 03/16/20

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Transcript for How to get the medical help you need while social distancing
Right now, we're going to get to our "Gma" cover story and the big question on the minds of so many this morning, how to see your doctor when we're supposed to be social distancing. The answer is telemedicine, using your phone to see your physician. It's now exploding in popularity and Amy is here with more. Good morning, Amy. Hey, good morning, Michael. Yes, sitting in the doctor's office in the emergency room surrounded by people there for the exact same reason, you are sick. But, now when social distancing is the biggest weapon we have in fighting covid-19, telemedicine could save lives. Telemedicine, or seeing a doctor remotely via video, phone or text, has never really picked up steam until now. In a crisis such as covid-19, our goal is to really benefit the public to decrease the risk of infection, and telemedicine is a perfect opportunity to do that. Reporter: It allows those who are immunocompromised or quarantined to get doctor's advice from home. It can also keep patients who believe they may have the coronavirus out of the emergency room where they could spread the disease to others. Some are just looking for reassurance like 54-year-old Sharon from Maryland. Dr. Mia as she is called is able to examine Sharon over the video Sharon feels her neck for tender lumps, takes in deep breaths. Can you give me an ahh. Ahh. Reporter: And right now some companies are seeing huge increases in tele health visits. Multi-care, the largest community based health system in the state of Washington, says it's seen a 13,000% increase in average daily visit volume this month versus the last six months. Right now our most common visit is upper respiratory infection which is common cold, sinusitis, fever, cough. A lot of these are symptoms you see with covid. Reporter: 80% of diagnoses are made through taking a patient's history. Here, no? While I might not be able to listen to someone's lungs I can look at their respiratory pattern if they're breathing fast. We can have the patient take their own heart rate. Reporter: Sharon's visit took ten minutes. The reassurance is awesome. That's number one. And number two, me not having to go into a place that has germs around it, if I don't have to expose myself, that's terrific. New York state now has the most coronavirus cases in the country and so governor Andrew Cuomo has announced that all insurance companies will waive co-pays for telemedicine treatments. We may see that happening in other states as well. George.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Telemedicine is the popular new way to see doctors about the coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69616238","title":"How to get the medical help you need while social distancing","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/medical-social-distancing-69616238"}