How these 2 moms each lost more than 100 pounds

Victoria Brady and Laura Rosenthal are featured in a special issue of People magazine and shared their remarkable weight loss journeys live on "GMA."
6:25 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for How these 2 moms each lost more than 100 pounds
of two incredible women who set out to live healthier lives each losing more thank 100 pounds. They are now featured in "People's" 100-pound weight loss issue and about to see their transformations live and talk to them but first here's a look at their journey. 31-year-old Victoria Brady battled with her weight all other life. My nickname growing up was butterball. I was very insecure with that. I couldn't keep up when all the other kids would run and play. As she grew up her weight began to hold her back. I was worried about putting myself out there due to my size. I felt myself settling as a result of my weight because I felt like I was not worthy of what other people got. She topped out at 275 pounds after the birth of her first son. When the doctor stated that she was concerned with my son's weight at a year and a half, I knew it was time for me to make a change. 41-year-old Laura Rosenthal didn't have a problem with weight growing up. I played soccer. Very active kids. Good grief, I was thin as could be. Then in her 20s her weight started to climb. I definitely developed a lot of bad habits. Gorge on fast food. At her highest she was 271 pounds. I was getting just beat down by everything. My bones hurt. You know, my knees hurt. My ankles hurt. When she turned 40 she decided it was time to make a I just thought, I am 100% committed to this and I don't care how hard it is. I'm going to do it and I am going to change my life. Now these women are half their size and you can see their transformations right now. Unbelievable. Let's hear it for Laura and Victoria and people editor Zoe Ruderman is with us now. This isn't so much about numbers on a scale. It's about making that choice to live healthier. Exactly. This is so much more than just a weight loss. These are full transformations. We feature women who get promotions after they lose the weight, quit smoking so changing their lives physically and mentally. Is everybody ready to meet the ladies. A working mom who ate fast food mostly. It was this series, this series is what inspired her to make the change in her life. Her starting weight just to remind you, 271.8 pounds. Laura, come on out. Wow! Thank you. Those were your jeans. Look at you now. I want to ask you or I want you to share with everybody. You had a different method. A lot of people limit but you did something very different. I did. So I really avoided protein shakes and bars in my life because I -- being on ww I wanted to use my daily points to eat real food and more filling Yeah. You wanted to eat. Absolutely. So a lot of people do cheat you went for a slight -- I was going to say renovation. I got decor on my mind. You changed that. I focused on a cheat meal versus a cheat day. Tuesday after I weigh in I go out and have dinner with my family and usually top it off with a chocolate chip cookie at the end. All right. And it worked because, guys, let's take a look at how much Laura lost on Hur big scale on the wall. 118 pounds. Your cheat meal worked. Congratulations. Thank you so much. You look great. All right, so now we'll get to our other totally victorious Victoria. Okay, so Victoria struggled with her weight since she was a child and inspired to get healthy after giving birth to her second son. Starting weight was 275. Victoria, come on out. Let's see how you look. Old jeans, new Victoria. Congratulations. Thank you. Will you share with our audience, with anybody out there who is thinking about making this change, what worked for you? What worked for me was finding things that I could stick to so something like healthy substitutes, for instance. I'm a busy mom on the go working full time. So for me, one thing that I found to substitute for my fave which was blueberry muffins was egg muffin, something that you can add veggies in. Yeah, it's perfect to eat on the go. I love candy bar, Reese's, Snickers, so a perfect way to get that chocolate in for me was doing it with fruit. But dark chocolate so I got the best of both worlds. You shire did. Just a reminder, 275 pounds to start. Your second son inspired you. Let's take a look, everybody, on the big scale. How much Victoria lost. There it is, 125 pounds. Come on. You have to show everybody. Yes, honey. Yes. So, Zoe, you get a lot of people, yeah, take your time. Get up there, Laura. Turn around. There's a lot of people out there but these two really clicked for you and for "People" magazine. This was go inspiring stories and it's not just about seeing someone else who did it and think it's great for them. Let's celebrate them. They did something that other people can do so it's about small change, commitment. Having a support system and doing something sustainable and realizing there's no one size fits all. Amen to that and baby steps really do add up. Laura, if you could give one parting piece of advice what two would you say. My best moment was making the decision and being 100% committed no matter how hard it got. If you stumble, it's okay. Get back up and try again. It's a marathon, not a race. Absolutely. And Victoria, your one piece of parting advice. Definitely do not give up on yourself. Don't look at what someone else is doing. Focus on you and find out what works best for your lifestyle. Nothing is impossible unless you make it impossible. I love it. Great advice from both of these ladies. You guys can read all about them and others, people hits newsstands nationwide on Friday. And check it out.

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{"duration":"6:25","description":"Victoria Brady and Laura Rosenthal are featured in a special issue of People magazine and shared their remarkable weight loss journeys live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63199227","title":"How these 2 moms each lost more than 100 pounds","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/moms-lost-100-pounds-63199227"}