How to stay healthy during flu season?

Chief health correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton shares tips and the latest information.
2:31 | 01/18/20

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Transcript for How to stay healthy during flu season?
season. Chief health correspondent Jen Ashton joins us with the latest information so let's start with what the latest figures are on the flu. You know they come out from the CDC every Friday. If you look at the latest numbers no real surprises here. But the estimates are that there have been about 13 million flu illnesses so far this season in this country. About 120,000 hospitalizations and approximately 6,600 estimated flu-related deaths. Overall the flu-like activity in the outpatient setting is slightly decreasing. Type a activity is going up slightly and as I said last week, it's still too early to know if we've peaked yet. We really don't know that until a lot is behind us. How effective has the flu shot been this season and what about those antiviral medications that people can take? Everyone is asking about that, Eva. We know stuff and we don't know. So when you talk about the vaccine right now, it's unknown what the actual percentage is. It seems to be a good match for type a but a not good match for type B which has been circulating and in terms of those antiviral medications right now, none of the strains circulating will be showing any major resistance so that's good news. Feels like everyone is sick I know. Want to walk around with a mask on. Especially here. Everyone here is sick. Also want to talk about e-cigarettes. The CDC altered their recommendation about Yes, this is really important, Eva, because for some historical perspective we saw a massive kind of protective maneuver when people were dying, we didn't know why. They were doing the deep dive on clinical research from a medical and scientific standpoint to find out what was going on and the recommendations at that point not just for youth or teens but even for adults were really don't vape. Don't use e-cigs. Now the CDC is dialing that back a little bit for adults saying that adults should avoid using any e-cigs with with thc with vitamin E acetate. Those seem to be the major culprits and should not use bootleg devices. Still use in teen, absolutely not in terms of vaping or e-cig use and, again, when you talk about this we have to weigh risk versus benefit and still following this data from a medical and scientific standpoint. You're saying this is how the system should work? Absolutely. We saw them take a protective very aggressive maneuver when we didn't have information. Now we have more medical and scientific information so they've lightened up on those recommendation. Dr. Jen, always good to have

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Chief health correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton shares tips and the latest information.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68368717","title":"How to stay healthy during flu season?","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/stay-healthy-flu-season-68368717"}