The ultimate summer workout to get beach body ready

Fitness guru Brooke Burke shares her top workout moves to tone and sculpt your body just in time for the summer.
3:53 | 06/11/18

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Transcript for The ultimate summer workout to get beach body ready
summer with some of her best moves and, Brooke, just a few days ago you were in L.A. Partying with George Clooney and Cindy Crawford. So much fun. Your daughter just graduated from high school. Quite a week. My mom turned 70. My daughter graduated. My little one got promoted but as busy as we are we still need to tap into self-care. So many other women know what that's like. What is your best advice to stay toned and fit everything else in. Carve out the time and figure out how to do it at home because time is our biggest excuse. I have a great community of like-minded women and some men who are figuring out how to take care of themselves and do it at home. Efficient moves that are dynamic so you can spend less amount of time and have this app you can do it on the road, on vacation. You don't need wi-fi. It's effective and short and sweet and specific and I'm loving it. Let's give everyone a little preview of what you can find on your new app by doing people, important workouts. Booty burn. I teach a whole class designed to lift and sculpt and tone the booty. We'll grab a lightweight, everyone, and these moves are going to build some booty and tone and sculpt so no shoulders. Just raise the roof and I've got comple burns that are designed to just resculpt everything so you're just lifting that foot up. Can you do it without a weight. You can without a weight. You can do it with a heavier weight. In your hotel room or at home with your kids and lifting and now, everybody, when you feel the burn, we're just going to pulse it up at the top. That's when it really hurt sflsz these one change your body so just pulse it up. Sculpting and lifting and toning. Let's move on because I want to be able to show you at least four moves. So the next move is a triangle lunge. Our form is super important. Hand goes all the way up, find your balance and we're right here so you're crunching. Oh, okay. You're crunching. And you're crunching. You can do this in a hotel room. Absolutely. You can do this on the road, great he. You don't have to be anywhere in the gym. That's the beauty of the app so everybody come on up. I want to show you a move that will change the whole body, okay. So this is -- grab your weights, the nice thing, these are dynamic so you can get multiple body parts. It's a reverse curtsy lunge and a little tilt, right? Okay. So you're lifting all the weight in the heels and carving out hips and changing your body. Your arm, abs, hips. Shoulders, back. Everything is on fire. How many would you do? I would do about 30 seconds or to the burn. But it's more difficult than you're using weights. Right. So we work out smarter. We work out stronger. The next move is one of my favorites. Awesome abs, awesome hips and legs, looks like this. It's a bam lay squat and you take it low. In your heel, not your toe, abs are engaged. All right. I'll catch up eventually. Whoo! And do you usually do these to time them like 30 seconds. How long would you typically work out with some of these moves. I think you can get it done in 15 minute. 15 minutes. You can go 45. I've got all kinds of different programs on these. Do you work out every day? I try to because I love it. Right. It's about your life and your schedule and what you can -- Everybody has 15 minutes they can make this work. 15 mens is better than nothing and we have a whole 28-day summer swim down with recipes and nutrition this. Is hard, right? The proof is in theudding right here. Brooke's fitness app. Brooke Burke body is available right now. We'll be right back.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Fitness guru Brooke Burke shares her top workout moves to tone and sculpt your body just in time for the summer. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55804209","title":"The ultimate summer workout to get beach body ready ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/ultimate-summer-workout-beach-body-ready-55804209"}