My Wellness Routine: 1st person to cross Antarctica solo does these 5 things daily

O'Brady, 33, is a three-time world record holder.
3:07 | 01/16/19

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Transcript for My Wellness Routine: 1st person to cross Antarctica solo does these 5 things daily
Plans call on O'Grady and this is my wellness your team. When I wake up in the morning. I don't check my phone to check my name now percent of my running clothes on and get up enjoyed my body with dignitaries artists hope we did get another road. And he. Some free time world record holder that's but I most known for us that you see just two years after its. In a race against time. The crazy things in place. I'm on the settlement amount of bread. Professional athlete for so long body threw it to the news. So that travel a lot like to have he worked as I can really be from anywhere. Usually squads won just push out some body exercises this kind of get my partner it months of work and I can get up his mind body and get a little slack gone and everything else throughout my day feels better. The next Imation nursed my body with healthy smoothie and whole foods supplements. Who doesn't have a key components of this movie I dreams some nice veggie protein powder and some day. My dad is an organic farmer. In Hawaii so I was raised around someone who really value fresh organic produce. Injuries for about it. Can enhance leaving supplement to my body it was such an effort at that. And I feel that midafternoon Lawler may lose over a little bit over stimulated. I make sure to take 120 minutes in the afternoon to sit meditate calm my mind regroup and I feel rejuvenated progress in the sometimes people think of productivity is just getting as much done as possible so the idea of sitting still closing their eyes for 1020 minutes seems like a waste of time. Where I would argue it's the complete opposite by taking tenants when he missed a kind of stop and reset. I often find. And in full of energy and also full of creativity and problem might they be working on earlier that morning and having from frustrations and challenges of that all the sudden have a clear idea. And answers solution a pathway forward. Well it's a journal in the evenings have been doing that since I was a teenager just reflect on the day and unwind it's always nice after staring at screens all data just got an old fashioned pen and paper. And right now my thoughts. You know sometimes it's and bullet points but more often not a says. In the air stream of consciousness. I think I mask earplugs to make sure that I get the maximum of sleep to be revitalized rejuvenated minutes. The reason I have that started seeing what I'm asking if with like my little security. I'm on the road quite a bit reverend Susan we're at the hotel room or trail had a for a hike. I'm Don Imus on my earplugs it's nice to have that recurring things. I'm Tom Brady and now you know my wellness for team.

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{"duration":"3:07","description":"O'Brady, 33, is a three-time world record holder.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60373486","title":"My Wellness Routine: 1st person to cross Antarctica solo does these 5 things daily","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/wellness-routine-1st-person-cross-antarctica-solo-things-60373486"}