Woman who appeared on HGTV finds out she has cancer after viewer spots lump

Nicole McGuinness meets Dr. Eric Voigt, the eagle-eyed surgeon who spotted a lump on her throat when she appeared on an HGTV show, live on "GMA."
6:26 | 06/05/18

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Transcript for Woman who appeared on HGTV finds out she has cancer after viewer spots lump
Thank yory much. Now our "Gma" cover story. That incredible meeting of a woman and a doctor who spotted somethin on her Nick while she was on TV ? Just a F minute they will meet face-to-face for the first time ever before tt take a look atheir story. For 31-year-old nicguinnessinding her north Carolina dree with her fatherhgtv's "Beachfro bargain hunt" renovation W a welcome distran after a tumultuousear. I had a tumor and started treatment. What's out there? Eporter: Tt all ended just th past year. Repr:aid she finished treatment last summer for a stage 4 glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumorndegan filming in September. Wow. When Nicole's episode finally aired last monthr. Erich Vo happened to be waiting and spotted this lump on the ft side O her neck. Dr. Voight felt obligated to do something posting Facebook, watching a TV show and notices has mass and she knees a sonogram and fine needle biopsy. #Beachen frontbargainhunt. It made it back to Nicole and she went to the doctor for a biopsy. On Friday results back positive for thyroid ca. No for the first time they et face-to-face where she can thank hi for posting a life-changing message. Now, we are joined by D Erich Voight, dr.voig,ha for being with us. So W just watching television and you saw something on her neck and you concerned is cancer Is, yes. I'm a heeck surgeon and after long workday I'm watching front properties and dreaming about a beachfront and noticed a subtle in her neck. I'm watching sd saw somethg wasn't right. Bringing hope the doctor you even though you're relaxing and watching television. I'm train to sent knew it wasn't right. We're glad it caught our eye. Would you like to mee her fa-to-face? It is really a hearing sty for me. Aredy to meetnicole. Let's do it. Come on out, nic Ood morning. How are you. Thankou so much. Thank you so much. Od morning. Nice to see you. So nice to meet you. I appreciate it. All right, Cole, I'm sure you've beenng say something to Dr. Erich voig go ahead. Thank so much. Dr. Voight, I'm going to try to say this without getting emotl. I have gone think lot these last couple ofrs and never expected to have be a two-ticer survivor B without you keeping a eye and watching THA television show, who knows how long I would have gone on without that being checked so from theottom of my T, thank you so much. You have no idea how thankful I am. I have to try N to B ional. I'm really happy to help. You know, doctor and nurses do this every it's what we do and I'm happy to help. Thank Yo much. I appreciate it. You mentioned you were a two-time now -- Yes, I . Cancer patient and you went through quite an ordole with your glioblastoma. Yo facing another cancer fight.tell us what is ahead for you. What's next for you. I sd V positive with myiagnosis for alistoma and I intend to do same thing with thyroidce and have a great team ate iversity that I actually see of discuss how 'reoing to handle this. So I'm going T continue to remain str and fight and, you know, especially alongside of Dr Voight I'm going totay strong fhis. doc, for you, Y were able to watch TV you were automobile to see what song on with Nicole. If you're seone at home what should look out for? So, I guess theirst thing is mostple a in tune with their Bo kno bodies and sometimes they may know them better tn their own doctor so if there ishange and notice a lump, a swelling, if TRE's a change in your choice, hoarseness, if you have pain, E a S subtle signs there may B somhing going on and in parlar in this case ere was ae fullnessere in the region of the thyroid and. Notice any change, see your Did you ever hesitate? Had feel strange to put her picn social media and say, I think this woman might haven issue. Talk about W went through your mind and when you made that decion to do it. Absolutely. So, I went through lots of decision-making because, first off, I felt obliged T he I saw something and I said, I have to reach out. Th I thoughtabout, well, she's already on a T sw so I'm not real revealing her identity to anyone. She's already there so I just decided to bite the bullet pu it on sl media Andy rsonal Facebook friends are all my friends S I them and through some channels we people shared the information D you got -- Did. -- The word. Ower O social media at its best rig th Absolutely. For LE, what was your reaction when you the call? What went through Y mind? I don't H Facebook actually so it was a friend of my mother's T got the message to us so originally we were sort of I K. We did not expect a doctor television from states away that we dot know to come up with sort of diagnosis but imat to the primary care physician and hehecked it out and had a biops and so eful? Gives you chills. Absolutely. This is out -- You took that brave step reaching out and you accepted that and look wherearnow. Thank you both for being with us. It's a beautiful Stor weh you the very best in your very. I appreciate it. I know you a lot of fightin you. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"6:26","description":"Nicole McGuinness meets Dr. Eric Voigt, the eagle-eyed surgeon who spotted a lump on her throat when she appeared on an HGTV show, live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55653880","title":"Woman who appeared on HGTV finds out she has cancer after viewer spots lump ","url":"/GMA/Wellness/video/woman-appeared-hgtv-finds-cancer-viewer-spots-lump-55653880"}