10 Hottest Trends This Spring

Fashion blogger BellQees shares her best style tips for the season.
4:33 | 04/21/14

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Transcript for 10 Hottest Trends This Spring
At the brink of finally -- let me get some of the hottest trends for the season today we have fashion blogger but he's here to show us some of the ten must have pieces -- brain -- come on the I have. Are they still -- beautiful models meet you hello beautiful. You related damages if you. Yeah. -- want looks like an excellent. And then the person magazine but I have to say that the -- Lebanon when they break it down -- -- you have to have it yet for -- to carry out you can Wear -- -- -- here to kind of do the -- yeah I -- carry. My viewers how to Wear certain he's my -- to -- -- to -- -- -- -- -- -- efforts to -- to talk about it and motivate people to -- secrets -- testing is a wonderful time to bring us some color isn't. News at center ice them at -- hot -- hitting me. -- for our time for that first model he's saying aids -- colored ladies here. Blast past thousand -- -- -- popular during the spraying their I'll have -- lawyer on the their profits bring. And an Easter it's -- that's flattering and globally from the body and it's is that still considered -- -- committee. Call me and maybe that's been -- yeah yeah yeah yeah Internet content may be a -- benefits and eat snacks since he's doing in the Easter -- his credit with some people probably -- and I kinda wanna take a little more funky kind of looks a little picky which is nothing wrong with that I'll carry with a leather jacket and a back eighteen -- kind of -- -- -- modern but you can really you can Wear anything -- -- can -- included all the way into the thanks Emily -- that they have to be people that they don't have to -- -- -- -- -- -- I think most of pricing be comfortable and no matter -- -- and says you're comfortable and -- during spring where during spring and I think it's appropriate when you -- that something like this here and it's peaked out. I think it's pros are -- him and it's okay right. Yeah that's not to link that -- yeah cabinet as I think I think -- work site yet aware of pizza would be during the winter in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean that's just my opinion yes that's the point and then parent the next not all she's hearing aid -- now. This is a truck classic trench and I think a lot at times it says finding classic pieces have at certain -- health -- and makes a little more -- Sit with this -- athletic training act anti money because it's a classic trench that has like -- -- on an excel at a more ideal tomorrow mod and and apparently it black cigarette pants which are also really popular now they're -- -- at the bottom what makes -- the cigarettes. Yeah I guess that's quite a clot of cigarette I think I personally I like and Italy it's legally it's off your students and that's -- it and part of -- -- So I personally like and could your -- gets. DC -- can't I can't -- this beautiful market color which is I mean everywhere you could find its color everywhere I actually love it. And I always -- -- when making outfits kind of like finding new classic -- -- But police tried at a pop of color it's really gonna take your house but like the next level of evidence app that we're pretty much -- -- -- that we get -- that this market back. And I think it kind of -- make -- -- and and I myself I'm wearing bright color is a lot bright colors that ring that turquoise necklace and a coral dressed in leopard -- And I mean I'm all for going gathered -- not being -- Maxi Maxi I like it and it doesn't keep kind of all of those pieces standalone. You can -- alone and that's the point when you're doing your fine piece is look for pieces that you could Wear separately he could read together sound I -- this is not life. Well if we wanna find mortgage that's basically -- I continued under using batons -- Bucky and I have a plot to have links all the -- indictment since they have one with a bunch of other stuff and -- -- -- heat up Blogspot dot com. Yeah do you have any question I have no -- I never felt more -- and their little. Look beautiful thing like that and it's like a pop up team and you didn't know what you're thinking when you look name. But the studios like -- get -- that's exactly your kids eat and what many here can you bring up the eastern city that -- I don't know I don't know and those. Easter Bunny not and cannot. He's different kinds of people to make her have they -- to pronounce your YouTube channel VE LL QEB. -- -- I think it had to get away from that of the country I have. -- -- -- a -- -- -- and now what do you think about this look I think tonight Matt Bryant really -- -- ticket in town and that I am I think. I think he did a great job here -- really -- to pass it right I -- hand marked hand admiral after that that's eastern here -- -- very similar.

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{"id":23405721,"title":"10 Hottest Trends This Spring","duration":"4:33","description":"Fashion blogger BellQees shares her best style tips for the season.","url":"/GMA/video/10-hottest-trends-spring-23405721","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}