10-year-old star of 'Goodbye Christopher Robin' on auditioning for the role

Will Tilston said he 'wasn't really nervous' because 'the excitement took over.'
3:25 | 10/11/17

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Transcript for 10-year-old star of 'Goodbye Christopher Robin' on auditioning for the role
Robbie and the cast of "Goodbye Christopher robin." Domhnall Gleeson, Kelly Macdonald and will tilston. So great to have you here. Will, you play Christopher robin and we heard Margo say earlier you're the one who was like professional on set. This is your first movie. Your first audition. Yes. What did you think when you got the role? I can't believe it because I thought I had to do tons of auditions. I didn't know it was going to come this soon like it was who would have imagined it, yeah, but it was -- I wasn't really nervous. I think the excitement sort of overtook it. Wow. Now you think this acting thing is easy. I got this. And, Kelly, you play the nanny. Yes. For Christopher robin but you have two young kids of your own so could you imagine them being in Christopher robin's situation where you're thrust into the spotheight and have no say in it. I mean I am not even really thrust into the spotlight myself. So I can't imagine my kids are going to have much trouble but, no, I wouldn't -- I don't think it's awfully good. Not awfully good parenting. It's awfully British of me. I'll figure out how to get an accent myself. You play A.A. Milne. When you a big Winnie the pooh fan growing up. No. No? Interviews we're going to say. Yes. I was a huge fan of Winnie the pooh. No, I had kind of Irish language books and stuff growing up so I kind of missed Winnie the pooh. I was a big Winnie the pooh fan. I used to have a Winnie the pooh shirt. Too much answer. Steal his answer in the future. Too much information. But, you know, Margot you said you knew these movies very well and knew the books very well. I'll play a little game with all of you and ask each of you a question about which character would fit each one of you of someone in this group so, Margot, I'll start with you. Who is most like Winnie the pooh? I would say will actually because I feel like Winnie the pooh says the most Poe found things sometimes and will also says the most profound things sometimes. Yeah. Winnie is also quite stupid though so -- No. He's not stupid. He's a bear of very little brain. How can you say that about will. Okay, which, I'm going to ask you. Who is the most like piglet and piglet is -- it's kind but a little shy. Who is most like that? The thing is I don't think anyone is really shy if I'm honest. I can see that from these answers. But I think Kelly may be piglet because quite nice and -- Margot and I were fighting over piglet. I'm smaller so I get to be piglet. Fighting over the characters. You know, I have a question for all of you. I heard you like to play what if on set. You know. Would you rather. Would you rather. Question for our audience. Would you stay home tonight or would you rather go see this movie? Rather go see the movie.

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{"id":50404427,"title":"10-year-old star of 'Goodbye Christopher Robin' on auditioning for the role","duration":"3:25","description":"Will Tilston said he 'wasn't really nervous' because 'the excitement took over.'","url":"/GMA/video/10-year-old-christopher-robin-auditioning-role-50404427","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}