108 Passengers, Crew Survive Bali Plane Crash

Passengers speak out about the sheer panic on board doomed flight.
1:45 | 04/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 108 Passengers, Crew Survive Bali Plane Crash
latest on the crash-landing in bali. A brand-new plane, carrying 200 passengers, overshooting the runway and landing in the ocean. Fortunately everyone survived the crash. But this morning, passengers are speaking out about the sheer panic onboard, wondering what Lisa stark has the story. Reporter: Crash investigators from the u.S. Are heading to indonesia today to help figure out what went wrong. Why a new airplane went down in the water just short of the runway in bali. Those onboard say there was no indication anything was wrong. No warning from the cockpit, when the jet suddenly slammed into the shallow water. Everyone got out alive, 108 passengers and crew. There were dozens of injuries. Apparently, none serious. This passenger said he grabbed a life jacket and got out the front exit door. Then swam to shore. The airline involved, lion air, is indonesia's largest carrier. A low-cost airline with a checkered safety record. It's banned from flying in the european union. This country has a very checkered record aviation oversight. And the airlines, apparently, are not operating to the standards that western countries demand. Reporter: After the crash, the airline said the captain was highly-experienced, with 10,000 hours of flying time. It's unusual for planes to crash right before a runway. There could be engine trouble, such as in this disaster in nigeria, or low fuel, problems with the throttles, wind shear, pilot error. For "good morning america," lisa stark, abc news, washington. Those pictures are extraordinary.

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{"id":18950874,"title":"108 Passengers, Crew Survive Bali Plane Crash","duration":"1:45","description":"Passengers speak out about the sheer panic on board doomed flight.","url":"/GMA/video/108-passengers-crew-survive-bali-plane-crash-18950874","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}