12-year-old who started a lemonade stand at age 4 shares her business tips

Mikaila Ulmer, who started her business at the age of 4 and now has her lemonade sold in 200 stores across the country, shares her story live on "GMA."
6:31 | 07/26/17

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Transcript for 12-year-old who started a lemonade stand at age 4 shares her business tips
Back now with our series "Taking care of business." I'm here with the incredible -- she's just 12 years old, mikaila Ulmer who launched me and the bees lemonade when she was 4. Business is booming and she's sharing her secrets with kids all over the world like the ones that are here with us in times square. We're going to talk in a moment but first mikaila's story. Believe in the possible and dream like a kid. Reporter: Mikaila Ulmer is not your average 12-year-old. Has anyone heard of the word entrepreneur before? Reporter: As CEO and founder of me and the bees lemonade she travels across the world to encourage other kids to believe big. She teaches her eager audience about the fundamentals of business and finance 101. My dream for the company is to have an even more measurable impact on the amount of kid entrepreneurs in the united States. I want to save more bees and then I also want to have a national lemonade enterprise. Reporter: A recent $810,000 investment from current and former NFL players is helping mikaila achieve her goal. It was important for me to help in any way I could to aid her dream. Here's yours. Reporter: For mikaila it all started 8 years ago with a lemonade stand. I got stung by two bees in one week. I was so afraid of the bees my parents encouraged me to do some research on them and I found out that they're dying. So I decided to create a product to help save the bees. Reporter: Her recipe for honeybee sweetened lemonade infused with flaxseed was a hit even in the "Shark tank." I'll give you an offer. It's a deal. Reporter: Turning her one time lemonade stand into a full-fledged business. I didn't expect it to grow as quickly as it did and to be so widely received. It went from one store in one city to over 20 states now. Reporter: Mikaila's bottle lemonade now sold in 90 wegmans and 116 whole food markets. Now, that's the power of believing. Ha, ha. What were you doing when you were 12 years old? Welcome, mikaila, again. Thank you. You were with us some time ago. So proud of you. So incredibly proud of you. In over 200 stores doing as well as you are helping kids all around the country and the world. What has -- what have you learned the most? Yeah, so I've definitely learned a lot but the thing that I learneded the most you can't be discouraged so what I say is don't be discouraged by life's little stings but get back up and spread your wings. Did you hear that? Get back up and spread your wings like that. Your mom, your dad, your brother are here. It's a real family affair and how everybody has done things. Do kids -- I mean what's your passion here in wanting to help others? Especially other kids. Yeah, so I have a huge passion for teaching kids entrepreneurship because the kids today are going to be our future tomorrow. That's right. Yeah, and if we teach them about how to create a business, based on a problem, they can create their own business like I did and I saw that the bees were dying. They can see all the other problems and say, hey, I want to create a company. Because we got a few problems out there. Yeah. So if you all can come up with a business like mikaila did and solve it we really would appreciate that. We have these wonderful kids here. Some are from world of money. World of money. A nonprofit that helps kids get involved in business. You have a question. What's your name? I'm Mariah Elliott. Your question to mikaila. What pieces of advice would you give to children who want to start their own business? Oh, that's a good one. What pieces of advice, well, I would say that there's of course, a lot of pieces of advice, but like to create a business that you're passionate about but I would say to set smart goals and plan your company so the first thing, set smart goals. If you achieve that goal it will motivate you to want to set another one so that will result in growth in your company because you're achieving all these goals and then the next one is plan your action so you want to make sure that you've got a budget or a business plan and that you're not doing step 8 before you do step 2 so you're like running your business at the right pace. That's what I would say to help -- yeah. Prioritize like that. That's good advice there. And you, young lady, your Microsoft summer camp, they helped with this. What is your name? I'm a. Mira. How do you balance out school and extracurricular activities while being a CEO and maintaining a Normal childhood. A lot of people expect me to go to business meetings and conferences but actually, we always find time to hang out as a family and, of course to, go to school so I still have to do my homework and my chores but we do have to balance school, family and our business. So that you do have fun time, right, mom, dad? Okay, you make sure that you have factor that all in like that. Okay, that's some great advice you're giving. You and your family have started a nonprofit. What is that about? The foundation. So we started the foundation which is a foundation to help save the bees and encourage kids to become entrepreneurs and focus on research, education and protection. So learning about the bees and why they're dying, educating kids from a young age of how we can save them and protect them so actually taking action. Taking action. Once again what were you doing when you were 12 years old? That is wonderful and that you have gotten a lot of support. I know that there's some current and former NFL players in your hometown of Houston. They have -- Actually Austin. Austin. But I love Houston too. Okay. Hook 'em horns. I want to make sure I get that right. What's your last piece of advice for anybody who wants to start a business and go for their dream. Well, she just said it. You have to believe in yourself. You have to go for that dream so if you've got a company you're putting off, know that you already have what you need the most and so I would say just try it at least to start it and see how it goes from there. What makes your lemonade different? It's sweetened with honey and has flaxseed and I'm a social entrepreneur. There you are. And she's busy as a bee. Thank you, mikaila.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"Mikaila Ulmer, who started her business at the age of 4 and now has her lemonade sold in 200 stores across the country, shares her story live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48849353","title":"12-year-old who started a lemonade stand at age 4 shares her business tips","url":"/GMA/video/12-year-started-lemonade-stand-age-shares-business-48849353"}