12-Year-Old a Viral Vine Superstar

Lillian Powers' quirky videos have made her an Internet sensation.
3:07 | 09/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 12-Year-Old a Viral Vine Superstar
-- story of the -- -- Internet superstar that people are kind of buying. Genius and a fine right the 62 -- videos that you make we'll twelve year old Lillian powers has been blown up the video sharing. Things like that -- -- news and its patents and I love you. -- completely different. Nobody's listening posts are so -- popular but then -- outlawed. People under the age of seventeen and about one sunny that there -- let -- -- and it is like bringing remembering often I don't know and resident Donna Martin graduate I -- -- -- exactly finale Wednesday when I am who I talk to you I don't know everything. About how he became -- buying stock million are human error. And six getting a lot of attention where do you get your ideas Lillian. On these truly -- ten times because if this is set -- your head -- -- now -- your back on your under your mom's profile. Deal -- did get a lot of support again from -- sunshine. What it -- allow the bill back up once you last year original name. -- so once -- got off on -- you had your own name. And then you used your -- -- you have to build your audience back up. Friends and he people who -- match. So we think -- at the future filmmaker can -- -- any tips on vine and terrible advice. I am. Just turning -- -- it's silly and stupid. -- -- -- behind him a favorite video -- -- -- -- What's -- favorite video million. -- -- laborers and -- yes and how many seemingly instead. And how many do you make -- a day. I'm I don't. Most of into the genius who LAN. What what -- so we let you go. What did it feel like win. The Internet erupted when they took you -- -- bond was -- nice to know if only in that way. How how many people were loving what you were doing. Aaron independently of the -- over fighting back -- and the light from -- -- -- fighting back from Irvine I mean welcome to the new age everybody welcome. Anyway Jessica it's tough it's troubling to try and speak when it's six seconds -- -- -- that I have part time -- do with all due respect to the music stars with excellent coolest person we're gonna have -- our. Today yeah.

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{"id":20211466,"title":"12-Year-Old a Viral Vine Superstar","duration":"3:07","description":"Lillian Powers' quirky videos have made her an Internet sensation.","url":"/GMA/video/12-year-viral-vine-superstar-20211466","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}