13 Things Your Shoe Salesman Will Never Tell You

Becky Worley, Liz Vaccariello reveal tips Readers Digest uncovered researching ways to save.
3:22 | 03/21/13

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Transcript for 13 Things Your Shoe Salesman Will Never Tell You
Reporter: Whether shoes are your passion or just another item on your shopping list getting a good deal and a comfy fit are critical. So put up your dogs and let me give you some secrets to get a great pair of kicks. First, don't shoe shop in the morning. Throughout the day your feet swell. So go after 2:00 p.M. When your feet are more realistically, well, plump. Next, while leather shoes will stretch a little, synthetic materials won't. And while you can use pads and inserts to make a shoe a little tighter, the rule of thumb or pointer finger is a finger in the front is usually perfect but if you can get a finger in the heel while standing, the shoes are too big. Now for running shoes, byos. Bring your own socks. You want to try athletic shoes on with the exact thickness of sock that you prefer. Plus, I've never seen a shoe store that has a washing machine in it so you don't know the last time these things got a wash. Now, let's talk deals. If you see a pair of shoes online for a great price but want to try them at your local store, print out the deal or show it to the shoe salesman on your smartphone. Many shoe stores will price match or at least offer a discount. I tried it when I bought this pair and I got half off. Plus, some other benefits. Supporting a local merchant and immediate gratification. Now you know this but a timely reminder is good. Buy seasonal shoes toward the end of that season. So if you want a great deal on boots now is the time. Thanks. So if the shoe fits, wear it. Now I'm off. For "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. And for more on this we are joined by editor in chief of "reader's digest" liz vac re vaccarie vaccariello. How do we make sure the shoe fits. If there is a shoe salesperson willing and able to measure your foot, take them up on it because there's more to measuring than you think. It's not just the length but the width to get the right fit. Something that all of you guys out there should know. If you're a guy, shop alone. Why is that? Researchers actually studied this stuff and found that the men go to a mall or a store with a companion, they're 56% more likely to buy something and they think it's because they like to show their knowledge and purchasing power off. So, josh and sam, I hope you were listening to that one so shoe retailers use pricing tricks. What are they and what should we look out for. Don't be misled by what they call charm pricing, the 95 or 99 cents at the end of a dollar. That's just a subtle trick to make you think you're getting a bargain when in reality 5.99 is closer to $6 than $5. So there's some things we as shoppers do to irritate the salesmen. Okay, well, first of all, they ask us if you're not a sample size don't try to smash your foot into the sample shoe because you just leave the poor, beautiful shoe stretched out for them. Okay, druzella. Yeah and a few people kindly said if you need or have food powder, they wouldn't mind if you used it. That's always a good call. All right, liz vaccariello, the editor in chief of "reader's digest" and "reader's digest" is on print and digital newsstands.

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{"duration":"3:22","description":"Becky Worley, Liz Vaccariello reveal tips Readers Digest uncovered researching ways to save.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18781139","title":"13 Things Your Shoe Salesman Will Never Tell You","url":"/GMA/video/13-things-shoe-salesman-18781139"}