Florida Sinkhole Swallows House, Man Trapped Inside

A family awoke to discover their home being swallowed by a 15-foot sinkhole.
2:51 | 03/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Florida Sinkhole Swallows House, Man Trapped Inside
The scene in Florida right now things are more mark bitterness this with a shot from our Tampa station's helicopter -- that frightening sinkhole. -- floor you wake up in the middle of the night and your bedroom floor is giving way suddenly. Falling really wall by wall this house into a -- some 100 feet wide fifteen. Feet deep and now one member of the family that lives. And that modest home. He's -- just as the -- now expand even deeper into the ground the whole house Josh could collapse at any moment. Our reporter rob Munoz from our Tampa station WFTS. Isn't there in Brandon Florida and has the latest on the rescue. After what can you tell us from. All right let me tell you this whole neighborhood is on edge this family on edge this house literally on ads like he -- this home to -- at any. Moment this family about to put themselves about around 11 o'clock last night when the floor collapsed beneath them they -- heard. What sounded like a loud car crash they said it before they knew it -- the black hole in the bedroom and let 36 year old son nephew used to be. No more just a black hole they said they they heard him screaming for help they try to helping -- They tried digging for him -- the -- was collapsing they could not get to him -- -- a Hillsborough county sheriff's deputy was actually able to come into -- first person respond here. Ran in there actually -- -- the family members out pull them out by the arm but this 36 -- and number they were not able to get to. They heard him screaming about a few minutes after that and right now engineering firms are out here wondering if they can hear this man if he's anywhere. Below that rubble Robin. What is seen aren't rob Unionists from our -- station to -- FTS thank you so very much and Sam. People want to know how how -- it. If it happened. That happens a lot more than we think Robin and a lot more places than we believe and that what's most frightening about this is -- sudden an instant it is the ground is fine and there until it's not. So you're looking at pictures from Florida right now -- -- we'll give -- the ABC virtual -- kind of describe what's going on under the ground. So everything looks tranquil and peaceful right on top of the surface but when you pull out away from the service and get a side view and by the way the most likely states are Florida Texas Alabama Missouri Kentucky Tennessee and Pennsylvania. And here's why because under the surface. They'll be -- the -- Of earth that is probably. Soluble rock like salt or gypsum or maybe even limestone water gets in here -- can't really get out and all of this dissolves now. Then that water leaches away the ground collapses you never know the ground is gonna collapse because for a long time that -- state perfectly in place in all sudden. Just give away it can be just a few feet. It can be hundreds of acres that go suddenly just like that and that's why this thing is so -- the area's most likely get it can also -- construction areas where water's been. Pumped out of the ground as well.

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{"id":18626745,"title":"Florida Sinkhole Swallows House, Man Trapped Inside","duration":"2:51","description":"A family awoke to discover their home being swallowed by a 15-foot sinkhole.","url":"/GMA/video/15-foot-florida-sinkhole-swallows-house-man-trapped-18626745","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}