15-Year-Old Vine Virtuoso Has More Views Than Bieber

Nash Grier makes six seconds count as viral videos gain 1.4 million followers.
4:21 | 10/16/13

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Transcript for 15-Year-Old Vine Virtuoso Has More Views Than Bieber
Now, to one of social media's hottest stars. Nash greer, a superstar, on vine. A twitter app for making short movies. Really short. Six seconds long. But nash makes these six seconds count. And how. He's been making movies all morning. We're going to see those in just a moment. First, let's see some of the videos that made him a phenom. More popular than justin bieber and miley cyrus. But nash greer doesn't really sing. Will you marry me? Reporter: The 15-year-old sophomore has become something of an internet star. Thanks to twitter's popular video app, vine, where users post six-second minimovies. Today, there are 13 million vine users. Six-second spielbergs sharing moments. Sweet. Hilarious. When greer started in april, his focus was on his 4-year-old sister, skylyn. He's made 125 videos so far, for his 1.4 million followers. That makes him the 23rd most popular vine user. He wants to make people laugh and smile. Reporter: That he does. His growing legions of fans can't seem to get enough. We got that boom, boom pow. Awesome. Terrific. Nash grier all morning long. You've been shooting vines all morning long. Update, however. Breaking news. It's now 1.5-plus million followers on vine. You added 100,000 overnight. How do you start? How do you start making the vine video? The process is different every time. Sometimes I'll just make them on the fly. Oh, I shouldn't -- maybe i should vine that. Sometimes I'll try to think really hard. Maybe that won't be the best idea. But the idea that pops up in my head really quick, I'll want to do it. And it will turn out great. Do you find yourself thinking in terms of six seconds now? Yeah. Sometimes I'll walk around, how can I make that concept a vine video? How can I make it relatable? I'm weird with the videos. You know what I love? A 15-year-old kid talk about moviemaking, six seconds. And sylvester stallone is sitting ten feet from him. This is why this is the best job in the world. We want to show your great work this morning. The first one, you tackle a favorite for a guest here on the program. How to pronounce george stephanopoulos. It's george steph -- steph -- it's george steph -- going to keep looping. And looping. Not bad. Next up, sam champion, blabber mouth at the weather board. It's the cold air. Cold. This is a big story. This is probably the coldest air that made it all the way down -- it's cold. We've seen the punch. And your little sister we saw a bit in the piece, a beautiful little girl. Take a look. Here's one. Good morning, america. I'm up so early. Up so early. That's terrific. And a couple audience members getting in. Let's run four and five together. Take a look. I want to say that I love you. I love "good morning america." Good morning. I love you. I love "good morning america." I just want to say I love you. I love "good morning america." Pardon me? Robin roberts. So, what's the great thing about "good morning america." Robin roberts? Not me? Could not argue it at all. She's from the bronx. I met her outside. Very strong. Again, congratulations. Before we say good-bye, come here. I want to introduce you. To sylvester stallone. There you go. Hey. Let me tell you, telling stories in six seconds -- that's a great idea. I would be on "rocky 8 million" by now. Reviving my career. We're going to get some big

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{"duration":"4:21","description":"Nash Grier makes six seconds count as viral videos gain 1.4 million followers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20585738","title":"15-Year-Old Vine Virtuoso Has More Views Than Bieber","url":"/GMA/video/15-year-vine-virtuoso-views-bieber-20585738"}