150 Firefighters on Scene of LA Explosion

A large underground explosion shook Los Angeles and caused a power outage.
1:44 | 08/21/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 150 Firefighters on Scene of LA Explosion
that breaking news, that explosion in Los Angeles overnight. Rocking the basement of a high-rise sparking a power outage at the staples center. Nick watt has the latest. Good morning, nick. Reporter: Good morning, Amy. That's right. Concertgoers plunged into darkness. Firefighters deployed in the heart of the city, fire and billowing smoke in the financial district. Overnight a powerful underground explosion shaking downtown los Angeles. Looks like we got a large multi-storied modern sealed building, got smoke showing. Reporter: The blast occurring just after 10:15 P.M. In the basement area of a 19-story office building on Wilshire boulevard. Smoke quickly filling the streets as over 150 firefighters rushed to the scene. Crews able to quickly put out the flames, but the fire department reporting significant structural damage to the building. There are some blown out windows. There's obvious damage on the lobby ground four. Reporter: Four evaluated on the scene by paramedics for N nonlife-threatening injuries two taken to nearby hospitals. Investigators looking into what caused the blast which also briefly knocked out power to parts of the downtown area including the staples center. ? Reporter: The act interrupted, Shania twain's concert. The show was back on within minutes, the singer taking to Twitter afterwards writing "We had so much fun in L.A. That we blew the power out." Now, the latest we're hearing from the fire department is they suspect a large generator in the basement of the building might be the Sorce of the explosion and they estimated cost of the damage, David, that's still being calculated. Possibly a generator. Nick watt, thanks to you for

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{"duration":"1:44","description":"A large underground explosion shook Los Angeles and caused a power outage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33223795","title":"150 Firefighters on Scene of LA Explosion","url":"/GMA/video/150-firefighters-scene-la-explosion-33223795"}