16-Year-Old Millionaire Shares His Secrets to Success

Ben Pasternak, creator of the new app Flogg, shares his secrets to success and perks of being an internet celebrity.
4:38 | 06/15/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 16-Year-Old Millionaire Shares His Secrets to Success
We're going to turn to the tech tycoon making waves because he's a teen. Ben Pasternak 16 behind flogged and ABC's Rebecca Jarvis learned his secret to success and some perks of being an internet celebrity. Good morning, Rebecca. There are a few perks there. That's right. While most 16-year-olds are worried about when they might find a prom date or how to prep for the S.A.T.S, Ben Pasternak is thinking of a few other things like when he might go public with his multimillion dollar company. You know, Normal teenage drama. A lot of freedom but this CEO still has to report to his m-o-m. Does he have a curfew of the weekend. I have a bit of curfew during the week. Reporter: His morning routine seems pretty Normal. But he's anything but ordinary. Hey, guys my name is Ben Pasternak. The CEO of Flug. He is a tech tycoon. This is lots of bugs we had before we launched of the his. Reporter: Brainchild is a new app called flog. Which makes buying and selling items within your social network as simple as swiping right. Think tinder meets Ebay. He has already locked down enough seed money he dropped out of high school and left his home in Australia including his parents to move to New York City, hoping to become his generation's mark Zuckerberg and he had a little bit of a headtart and became a youtube celebrity at just 11 years old with these unboxing videos. Right now I am recording with the front facing camera. Reporter: Being CEO at 16 has already made Ben a bit of a celebrity. I was in bed one morning and like my phone buzzed and, boom, Justin Bieber is now following me on Twitter. Unfortunately I don't follow him back but he follows me. There are some other perks. He lives alone which means a lot of freedom. But this CEO still has to report to his m-o-movement. Does he have a curfew on the weekend. I have a bit of a curfew during the week so the curfew is supposed to be 8:00. Among all the adults, his chief employee, this 30-year-old. What's the most 16-year-old thing he's done since you guys have -- So much. He forgets to eat. Reporter: Truth is most apps fail. But Ben has a lot of confidence that he can build flogg into the next billion dollar empire. In the grand scheme of things how big of an idea is flogg versus Facebook or instagram? I wouldn't even compare it to Facebook or instagram. I would compare it to Amazon or jet. How do you stay humble in all this? It's a lot for someone as young as you. I mean like everyone is like going hyped up like at what I've achieved. For me I feel like I'm just getting started so I don't feel anything to brag about or whatever it is. Do you ever think about wanting to be more like mark, mark Zuckerberg? Not really. I mean like he's too smart. So he's still pretty humble but I can't imagine living 10,000 mile as from home at 16. It's pretty incredible to think about. Most kids probably wouldn't be doing something like this but he has remained humble. I spent the whole day with his parents. It's important that he remains humble. They still have rules. He still have a curfew set for him. He calls his mom every 20 minutes. Raises an interesting question whether entrepreneurs are born or made and comes from great-grandfather, great-grandfather, both successful businessmen but also took matters into his own hands. And started so young so it does beg that question, George, how much of this is part of your lineage, how much is part of the entrepreneurial spirit being born in a home. I think if parents are encouraging of this and his parents have been encouraging I think their children are probably more inclined to do it and obviously he has some great role models right there. I guess is there anything Normal about his life right now? I think the own will I Normal thing he went to prom and has a girlfriend because they have family friends in New Jersey who have really taken him in and, yeah, he's having a great time doing that part of his life. Is there any oversight by his parents or hisly with all that money. They are. One thing that's really important to them, they want him to go to school so they're having him save that money and, of course, right now it's still money on paper. He -- until they sell that company, until it goes public it's not really his money. The one thing we want to take issue with. Neither one of us has met a 16-year-old who forgets to eat. I know. Well, he did. He did eat with us. He enjoyed central cereal and some pasta, so -- Very 16. Exactly. That was great, Rebecca. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"Ben Pasternak, creator of the new app Flogg, shares his secrets to success and perks of being an internet celebrity.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"39870981","title":"16-Year-Old Millionaire Shares His Secrets to Success","url":"/GMA/video/16-year-millionaire-shares-secrets-success-39870981"}