2012 Year in Review: 'GMA' Looks Back

Election 2012, Trayvon Martin, Whitney Houston, Hurricane Sandy and gun violence made news.
10:08 | 12/20/12

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Transcript for 2012 Year in Review: 'GMA' Looks Back
2012, a game-changer year in so many ways for us here at "gma." And take a look at the groundbreaking moments of an unforgettable year. We're live on the 100th floor. Are you still opposed to same-sex marriage? The national guard went up to set up supplies. That building, in total darkness. There's a picture on "the times." All our hearts are broken over 20 little children, and moreadults, dead after the worst shooting ever at a grade school. As a country, we have been through this too many times. Do you worry about going back to school? Yeah. Whether it's an elementary school in newtown or a shopping mall in oregon, or a temple in wisconsin, or a movie theater in aurora. What's the hardest part? That someone would murder so many people. These neighborhoods are our neighborhoods. And these children are our children. It is so difficult to find the right words after seeing how much this community has lost. We're grieving with you. I appreciate it. These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change. Our extreme weather team is all across the storm zone. As you go through this part of harrisburg, this is what you see. Just pieces of wall board. It's all gone. In front of what was the high school. Get right to the latest on tropical storm isaac. It's beginning to just drench this area with damage. Pass christian is absolutely relentless. What looks to be forming here could be a future tropical system. This is nothing to play with. We are prepared. And the storm is monster-sized. Sandy is a superstorm. The water, swamping up around us. The storm surge could be as high as 17 1/2 feet. It's been absolutely relentless. Up and over. Did you see that? This 1,000-foot-high steel crane was blown. This is the entrance for the battery tunnel. All this came down the stairs? That's a patient taken out of the hospital. That's del mar, new jersey. That's where the boardwalk should be. We're going to die. We're going to freeze. The worst fire in new york city history. As you can see, apartment building after apartment building, all completely dark. It's pretty dangerous driving with all the wires down. I don't give a damn about election day. It doesn't matter a bit to me. It's "your voice, your vote." I need your vote. I need your vote. It's important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married. You're falling behind. Why aren't you doing better? Well, I'm doing well. I'm virtually tied in the polls. George is down there in tampa, for the rnc. A day late because of hurricane isaac. I have mr. Obama sitting here. What do you mean shut up? 47% of the people who will vote for the president, no matter what. A legitimate rape, the female body has ways to shut the body down. Are you saying if you remove the word legitimate, that sentence would be true? No. The fiscal cliff. I would like to move on to a very simple question. You're under a lot of duress. I'm a big person. A much of malarkey. Brought us binders full of women. I love you, women. I'm crying because of barack obama and mitt romney. It's almost over, abbie. Our whole team will be out in force, all day and all night long as the votes come in. We're projecting the battleground state of ohio for president barack obama. I return to the white house more determined and more inspired than ever. Good morning, from the very windy bank of "the uss spirit." What's your message? My message is to stop. It's a bad morning in yemen. Crossing this fence is the entrance to syria. U.S. Ambassador jay christopher stevens has been killed. 20 wielding attackers storming the american consulate in benghazi. The middle east on the brink this morning. This is the first such israeli/palestinian conflict since the arab spring. Growing nationwide outrage over the shooting death of an unarmed florida teen. That stunning video reveals something critical about zimmerman. If I had a son, he would look like try trayvon. This disaster developing off the coast in italy. The captain under house arrest. What would you like to say to that captain this morning? What a coward you are. 45 guilty counts. Didn't you have a moral obligation? At the time, when I heard the word horseplay and asked if there was anything more than that, and the answer was no, i didn't think of anything more than that. There is no one else responsible. Was there anything more you needed to hear from the prosecutors? I felt like the evidence just wasn't there. The cia director david petraeus, forced to resign. The explosive affair that's rocked washington. The woman at the heart of the investigation. Let's do this. Facebook will start trading under the simple f.B. You don't think the essence of the company is going to change at all? It's our job not to. What? The director and narrator of the viral senation "kony 2012" rampages and incoherent. Banning him for life. Saying there's no place in cycling for lance armstrong. ♪ And I ♪ off you go, whitney. Off you go. I'm the sheriff and I got my duty to do. That's one small step for man. And america's first woman astronaut. I'm mike wallace. One of the gs of television journalism died at the age of 93. ♪ At last ♪ ♪ daydream believer ♪ live, from times square, new york city. Peace and soul. ♪ Took a lot of trying to get up that hill ♪ sherman hemsley. ♪ Ain't nothing wrong with that ♪ hey, everybody. Let's do some "pop news" shall we? Lightning-fast divorce deal for tom cruise and katie holmes. Real-life drama for kristen stewart and robert pattinson. Is that the way you deal with all this craziness. I keep my personal life. Lindsay lohan, arrested here in new york. He put a ring on it. Brad pitt and angelina jolie make it official. The most cold, icy, fishy guy. I'm going to talk to him. He asked her to be his bride. ♪ You had my heart and soul ♪ adele's stunning performance. Her first since coming back from that throat surgery. ♪ We are never, ever, ever ♪ the swinger has parted ways with conor kennedy. There's nothing wrong with a summer romance. He has to finish high school. 14-month marriage to russell brand is over. I wouldn't dedicate a whole record to that. It's powerball fever on "gma." What would you do with the money? Share with you. Split it. I'm not sharing it with you. Wow. We've been hearing about this little book, "fifty shades of grey." No looks for you. No. We talked about it, week after week after week. The biggest party on the planet this day. It's the queen's diamond jubilee. Here's to the queen. The queen. This is the culmination of the queen's diamond jubilee. Incredible pageantry. What happened in vegas will not stay in vegas. Not staying in vegas at all. It's harry being harry. A royal heir is on the way. Folks cheering and giving a thumbs up as they pass buckingham palace. Faster, higher, stronger, the stadium of the opening ceremonies. Gold for u.S. Women's gymnastics. She is on the cover of just about every paper here. How not impressed were you in that moment? It's really funny. We've all had good laughs with it. The jump in history, by felix baumgartner. We're just hours away. Nik wallea is going to start his walk tonight. Look at this mist. This is the thickest. Nik wallenda, walking his way into history. What a year. That little jig by nik wallenda. What an amazing year. It's so impressive. Every year, it takes a village to compress a year into 9:30. We want to thank everyone who worked on this. Including the producers. Some of them right there. They did such a fantastic job. Thank you very much.

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{"id":18024624,"title":"2012 Year in Review: 'GMA' Looks Back","duration":"10:08","description":"Election 2012, Trayvon Martin, Whitney Houston, Hurricane Sandy and gun violence made news.","url":"/GMA/video/2012-year-review-gmas-top-stories-trayvon-martin-18024624","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}