2013's Biggest Celebrity Buzz on Buzzfeed

Ryan Broderick discusses the biggest entertainment stories of the year.
3:00 | 12/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2013's Biggest Celebrity Buzz on Buzzfeed
Are you ready? Buzzfeed comes up with quirky lists. And this is a group in an effort to come up with the best pics of the year. How do you come up with the lists? It's a lot of a gut feeling. A real gut emotion. You use gut. And we use the buttons. Does it make me feel wtf? Or omg? We're going to go with omg on our show. Let's have fun with our anchors lined up and ready to go. Each getting ready during the commercial. Testing the bells. There you go. Don't stop me now. This twerky due topped the earth-shattering hair-dos. It has to be. Jennifer lawrence or michelle obama. Miley. You are t. Only in 2013. She has been up at the ball all morning lon. The cronut did not make the -- false. It is true. Did not make it? It did. It made it. You said did not make it. The answer is false. I'm sorry. Okay. Amy robach gets a point. Like the cronut, I was confused. Buzzfeed gave this couple the cutie couple of 2013. Was it kanye west/kim kardashian. Andrew garfield and emma stone. I didn't say that. Wow. I know. All right. Tie game. Ginger might be behind. Maybe. Buzzfeed says this oscar winner will rule all in -- jennifer lawrence. That's right. Nice work. Nice work. This time. We're all tied up. This is going to get good. Okay. This saltry singer -- rihanna. Yes. It was rihanna. Wondering how the heck -- you're getting the questions. No answers. But I can see you're reading ahead. One more? Buzzfeed called this regal woman the most flawless human of 2013. Princess kate. Yep. Okay. How many more? Another question? All right. This hot condiment -- it's a story from earlier. Sriracha. Yeah. Everything tastes good. We catch that. Frequently instagram's baby who is starting a documentary more than anyone else in 2013. Blue ivy carter. That's right. Nice work. Nice work. Who's ahead? Bianna's ahead. We're told bianna is ahead. I had three. I was right. I have three correct. More. The control room -- I know I have three right. This celebrity strong enough, hint, to be a queen of twitter. Katy perry. Cher. She has great emoji. Write it down. What cat did not make the most important cats of 2013? True or false? False. Got a chance. True. Most important cat. Amy robach is sharp. The most important cat of 2013, is cat dressed like a shark, riding a roomba chasing a duck. We have a tie. We have a tie. How often does that happen on "good morning america"? I can see -- it's tied between whom? Drumroll, please. How about some bells? Tied for first place, amy robach and bianna golodryga. The highlight reel tonight on "world news." Thanks, ryan. Thanks so much. Happy new year and 2014. You can share the trophy with

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{"id":21379018,"title":"2013's Biggest Celebrity Buzz on Buzzfeed","duration":"3:00","description":"Ryan Broderick discusses the biggest entertainment stories of the year.","url":"/GMA/video/2013s-biggest-celebrity-buzz-buzzfeed-21379018","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}