2014 Emmy Nominations: Surprises, Predictions

Chris Connelly breaks down this year's Emmy contenders.
4:12 | 07/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2014 Emmy Nominations: Surprises, Predictions
back. ? deal? Oh...you can't record that many shows at once. Why? You can't save every single cartoon. Why? You know you can't pause the TV here and play it in another room. Why? It's time for fios Quantum TV. Store up to 200 hours in HD. Record up to 12 shows at once. Pause and Play live TV, room to room. Plus, watch Live TV on the go with the fios Mobile App. Redefining what TV can be. Lics Test Text1 plain cc1 Test message ? ? I live for the applause plause ? There's the category best actor in a drama, Chris Connelly, one packed category. This one is just loaded because you've got Bryan Cranston getting nominated again. If he won for another time it would be four for him but he hasn't won since 2010. And he's up against Matthew mcconaughey, a lot of people think Matthew mcconaughey's performance in "True detective" because it aired during the Oscar voting last year, kind of helped him to win the Oscar because people said, wow, that's not just a flu he can bring it. So now he's in that category against Cranston. Cranston may be looking for that gold watch, that final win for number four. You know, and mcconaughey really strong performance and also up against woody Harrelson in that same show but look at that category. Kevin spacey, Jon hamm who can't seem to buy a win in this category. Maybe next year we'll see him as the showoes and last year's winner, Jeff Daniels who surprised everybody so we'll see what happens. Do you think it's bad news for the "Breaking bad" that "True detective" entered into the drama category -- They threw down the gauntlet. Great news for "Fargo" and "American horror story coffin" they're not competing against "True detective" but it's hard to say. Was last year's award for "Breaking bad" their gold watch because the night the emmys ran last year was the night that the second to last episode of "Breaking bad" aired. A long time ago. Was that their victory lap or get another one almost a full year after the show went off the air? So that's -- everything in drama is up for grabs right now. It's a big fight against shows that people really love and care about. That is. People get so passionate about these shows. I'm one of them but to see "Mad men" the way it is and Elisabeth moss, that blew my mind. Two years without getting a win. What is that about? I think it's a more beer for us situation. It's like they got everything. They got everything for so long and now let's spread it around a little bit. With that final season coming maybe there will be a reconsideration next year but maybe this isn't the year for them.

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{"id":24501827,"title":"2014 Emmy Nominations: Surprises, Predictions","duration":"4:12","description":"Chris Connelly breaks down this year's Emmy contenders.","url":"/GMA/video/2014-emmy-nominations-surprises-predictions-24501827","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}