2014 Oscar Nominations: Who Will Win?

Jess Cagle, Chris Connelly and the whole "GMA" team analyze the Academy Award nominations.
3:00 | 01/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 2014 Oscar Nominations: Who Will Win?
Never gets old, but kudos to our audience at home. We asked the movie that would get the most nods. You said "american hustle" and also "12 years a slave," well, "american hustle" received ten nominations, "gravity," ten, and "12 years a slave," nine. Going to bring back jess and chris again, best actor. I know. I know. Well, leo got in. He did. Which I was happy to see. No robert redford, and I was really surprised to see no tom hanks. I know. For "captain phillips." I think people had really expected that but idris elba and forest whitaker also left out. I mean, this was an amazingly strong category, the support for "captain phillips" was just not there for tom hanks or best director. Bruce dern, you see him not sneaking in. Great work but I don't know that a lot of people have yet seen this movie. You should. Going to get that post-oscars nod. Absolutely. Entertained as a big oscar favorite. Some people didn't expect that. It's a beautiful film. But for best picture look at that lineup for best picture. Amazing, nine pictures in all were nominated. Could have nominated ten but just went with nine. "Saving mr. Banks" left on the outside. So sad. That was my favorite. I really thought -- I loved the movie too. I loved that story. Critics weren't crazy about it but I kept saying the academy will love it. About movie making. I cried the last 15 minutes but it was like tears of joy. And emma thompson -- huge surprise. If we start weaving things together and seeing if there are trends -- I mean "american hustle" did lead with ten, if you figure "gravity" had technical nominations is "american hustle," has it presented itself with its acting -- you said "american hustle" they would get three nominations the same as "12 years a slave" they would have danced around the room. They may be dancing around the room right now. Best director and -- as they should. No "blue jasmine" by the way. No, but cate blanchett, that was sort of expected. That was sort of expected. I think it's a three-way race really for best picture, "american hustle," "gravity" and "12 years a slave." I think you have to figure "12 years a slave" is the favorite right now. "Gravity" getting a lot of technical support in the nominations because they're doing things they've never done before. I'll say "american hustle." You're going with "american hustle." The director will be "gravity." Alfonso cuaron for "gravity." Because imagine imagining things never imagined before. If you read the painstaking work he put into that film. And wrote it with his son, i love that angle. The years it took. Let's go supporting now. Supporting actor, this is where we can sort of maybe go off the board a bit. But, you know, for me, michael fassbender has been looming in this -- yeah. Maybe we're all going to find out he takes another step here. He could. He could. I think that jared leto is going to win for "dallas buyers club." The surprise there is jonah hill for "the wolf of wall street." Yeah. A two-time nominee. But michael fassbender was amazing in "12 years a slave," to me, most -- one of the greatest things -- culmination of a bond really between director and actor. You know, they had something special going on, he and steve McQUEEN SO THIS IS REALLY A Special moment. Remember, he got passed over for best actor. A leto/fassbender tie would be okay. He was a limo driver and look where he is now. For "captain phillips." Yeah. Certainly surprised that oprah winfrey did not get a nomination for best supporting actress. She has been shown no love in the postseason, so to speak, at all. Golden globes and now not here. It's sad because she doesn't have enough in life. All right. Would win and I thought she was great in the movie.

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{"id":21555041,"title":"2014 Oscar Nominations: Who Will Win?","duration":"3:00","description":"Jess Cagle, Chris Connelly and the whole \"GMA\" team analyze the Academy Award nominations.","url":"/GMA/video/2014-oscar-nominations-gma-gang-discuss-bigger-winners-21555041","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}