32-Year-Old Shares Video Diary of Egg Freezing Process

Financial guru, television personality and author Nicole Lapin documented the emotional journey of freezing her eggs for Redbook magazine.
5:11 | 04/26/16

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Transcript for 32-Year-Old Shares Video Diary of Egg Freezing Process
We start with our new series "Maybe baby." For many women who want to have a baby egg freezing is an option. Olivia Munn revealing they are decision to do just that. In the latest issue of "Redbook" one woman shares her very personal journey through this experience. ABC's Abbie Boudreau has her story. Whatever you're saving for in the future issue -- financial guru, TV personal and author Nicole doesn't let anything stand in her way. You also want a family. When I was in my 20s I was career, career, career. I was so focused on work and I realized that I was in the backseat of my own life. Reporter: While her career was taking off, she says her personal life was not how she'd envision sfwld my biological clock definitely started ticking by the time I was 30. Today is the day I took charge of my future. Reporter: The 32-year-old choosing to freeze her eggs documents it for "Redbook." Because you never know what that fertility situation is going to be. Reporter: So egg freezing was her way of taking back control. It's an example of technology giving women options for their reproductive life. Reporter: An expensive process costing Nicole $14,000 and it wasn't easy. So this is my first day of shots. Oh, my god. That really, really burns. Reporter: Shots every day for three weeks feeling bloated and hormonal. Eggs, shots, I barely know my name. Reporter: The morning of her egg retrieval. So I'm about to go into surgery. Reporter: But she's hoping to not have to use her frozen eggs, rather to have babies the conventional way. I want to be married and I want to have kids of my own but it gives me the most options possible for when I do want to become a mother. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Abbie Boudreau, ABC news, Los Angeles. Important story and joining us now editor in chief of "Redbook." Meredith Rollins, women's health correspondent Dr. Generalashton and Adrienne, a "Gma" viewer contemplating the procedure. This is a conversation that needs to be had and people are sometimes reluctant to have it. Why did "Redbook" want to do this? We believe women should not be passive participants in their lives but advocating for themselves constantly and goes double when it comes to fertility. For women who may not want to have a child right now but know they want to have one in the future egg freezing is just a way to sort of plan and prepare for that future. It was somebody in the idea red many book" family going through. Nicole lapin. We thought it was a perfect opportunity to bring this subject to our ruders. I'm glad you did that. I know you are too, Adrienne, because you said you've been thinking about this. What are some of the things going through your mind in considering this. Well, you no he what I'm a woman in my mid-30s, I am in a new relationship and we're in the process of trying to plan our family. So I think this is an important topic because it's bringing an awareness to a subject that so many of us know very little about. You said you haven't done the deep dive yet. I have not. I have not. I need a little bit of help. This is where Dr. Jen -- Dry the process. Think of it in terms of three basic stages. We divided it up based on those three stages and we gave it a relative scale and it's important, Adrienne, when you look at this scale to remember this varies individual to individual but we start with the workup and this is really consists of blood test, some ultrasounds, in terms of money, couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. Not that much time, days to weeks and physical discomfort, little to none. Then we move on to the stimulation process and this consists of injection of high powered hormones and monitoring every day by ultrasound to look at your ovaries and jumps up into the thousands and can take weeks just for one cycle. If you have to do more than one, months and physical discomfort, a little more. A lot of women describe this as pms on steroids then to the retrieval process and this is an operating room procedure. It's done under anesthesia. This jumps up again, thousands of dollars, there is an or fee. Timewise it's just one day and physical discomfort varies, usually none but in rare cases you can get hyperstimulation syndrome which is very uncomfortable. When you hear all this and not asking you to make a decision here on the spot, but it is a lot to consider. It is something to consider, it is. When you think about it, I think all things considered it is a lot that goes into the process, but I still think it's worthwhile if you have parental dreams. And you do. I do. And many women do. I do. What do you say to those, Meredith who says, we shouldn't be talking about this. I fell like fertility should not be taboo. You need to get all the information you can and also need to know whatever you decide you're not alone. That's great to know. Not alone at all. And I love how the piece said don't be in the backseat of your own life. Get in the front. Be the driver. That's right. Be the leading lady, not the co-star. 100%. Thank you all. Thank you for this conversation. Thank you. Thank you so much for bringing awareness to this. Good luck. Thank you. Whatever you decide. Thank you so much. We're going to switch gears

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Financial guru, television personality and author Nicole Lapin documented the emotional journey of freezing her eggs for Redbook magazine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38665627","title":"32-Year-Old Shares Video Diary of Egg Freezing Process","url":"/GMA/video/32-year-shares-video-diary-egg-freezing-process-38665627"}