#America Favorite Foods: Sam's Favorite Pulled-Pork Sandwich

Paducah, Ky., is home to "GMA's" Sam Champion and his favorite BBQ joint, Starnes.
3:41 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for #America Favorite Foods: Sam's Favorite Pulled-Pork Sandwich
I can't wait to tell you. A month-long series celebrating things about america that we love, particularly from where we're from and spend time. We're paying tribute to the food we love this week. Our not-so-guilty pleasures. Robin shared poor pos. Lara had pizza. And george surprised us with his favorite doughnuts from dreesens, right? Today, I'm going to show you what I love from my hometown of paducah, kentucky. If you're going to put a head of me, can you take away the wrinkles, by the way. Make it look a little younger. Right there, on paducah, kentucky. Drumroll, please, ladies and gentlemen. Do we have it? Whoa. Pulled pork sandwich, posted on white bread, just the way i love it, with extra spicy sauce, from starnes. We call it america's heartland. Home to river boats and bluegrass. Paducah, kentucky, is my hometown. Little has changed since I left. Including the town's hot spot for barbecue, starnes. It's still in the same building. And it's my favorite. It's real quaint. Reporter: A family-run business since 1955. Third generation ken starnes now runs the shop with his wife and daughter, sticking to the same original recipe grandpa floyd DEVELOPED IN THE '50s. The secret, tim says, is all in the sauce. It's a secret. We don't reveal that. Reporter: The pulled park sandwich is my favorite. It starts with park shoulder. It smokes for 12 hours. Then, pulled from the bone. Piled high on white bread and brushed in that secret sauce. Then, toasted, flat on a grill. Finally, wrapped in wax paper, just like I remember it. And people come from miles to enjoy it. It's good enough for me to drive three hours to get a sandwich. So, that's pretty good. All right. Thank you, sam. That is good. So good. So good. The bread is amazing. I've never seen them on bread before. When I was a kid, we would pile in the car. And I would say, go to starnes and get this barbecue. Family owned and operated. One thing you have to have is an r.C. Cola. And robin, I know you're looking at the r.C. Cola. I think it's better than anything on the market. In a bottle. The other thing for dessert, we would get orange or grape and my grandmother would put ice treatme cream in the top of it. You have to love the south. That's why I was a happy, little chubby kid in the south. We want you to be a part of our month-long celebration about what you love in america. Send us your favorite summer hot spots for places you like to go. Head to our website, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! We're going to share in the next coming weeks, the things that you love about america. The things that we particularly love. This hot sauce is phenomenal. They are not on twitter. They're not on facebook. You cannot get this, guys. You have to go to paducah. Or know sam. I might be able to share one or two. Let's get to the boards.

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{"id":19637476,"title":"#America Favorite Foods: Sam's Favorite Pulled-Pork Sandwich","duration":"3:41","description":"Paducah, Ky., is home to \"GMA's\" Sam Champion and his favorite BBQ joint, Starnes.","url":"/GMA/video/35america-favorite-foods-sam-champions-favorite-pulled-pork-19637476","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}