At least 59 dead in Las Vegas mass shooting

Stephen Paddock, 64, is also suspected of injuring at least 515 people after shots were fired from a Mandalay Bay hotel room into a crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.
5:27 | 10/03/17

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Transcript for At least 59 dead in Las Vegas mass shooting
As you can imagine a lot to get to on this Tuesday morning. Here is a live look at las Vegas. Still so many questions about how and why that tragic shooting happened. What a staggering death toll, 59, at least 59 killed. More than 520 injured. The victims were just there to enjoy the concert Sunday night. Now the entire city and country reeling. Look at the cover of the las Vegas newspaper. Unimaginable. So, so true. People are paying their respects honoring the lives of those lost and take a look at the Las Vegas strip. Usually so bright, but last night turned off all the lights and it went dark. "World news tonight" anchor David Muir is leading us off this morning. He's there in Las Vegas. Good morning, David. Reporter: Robin, good morning. It's almost impossible to wrap your head around that number you just mentioned, 59 people were led in this attack. There are headlines of patients at hospitals throughout las Vegas and this morning, we know more about the discovery made on the 32nd floor of the mandalay in the hotel room of Stephen paddock. We know 23 firearms were pulled from that room. Another 19 firearms at his home. The total, 42 weapons. Investigators this morning trying to answer that question, why? Overnight new details inside the four minutes of terror That's just a firecracker. Reporter: 10:08, a hail of gunfire hailed on concertgoers. Coming from the 32nd floor of the mandalay hotel. We have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds. Reporter: Concertgoers telling us they sought shelter anywhere they could to escape the gunfire. We're in this ice cream -- Reporter: There were pauses in the gunfire when people would make a run for it and another round would begin. That was probably the most terrifying part was honestly thinking that it was over and you think, okay, we're okay to stand up and then it was quiet, what felt like for awhile and crouch up and go low and it would just start all over again. Reporter: 11:20 Sunday night outside room 135 S.W.A.T. Teams closing in on the shooter identified as 64-year-old Stephen paddock. Hotel fire alarms going off from the intense gunfire smoke giving away his location. Authorities say he checked into the hotel last Thursday. Everyone in the hallway needs to move back. All units move back. Breach, breach, breach. Reporter: The suspect dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. In his hotel suite, 23 firearms, police say he acted alone. The 527 wounded carried out by wheelbarrow, pickup truck, even barricades turned into stretchers. 59 others killed in what is now the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history. In the aftermath an open field now crime scene strewn with debris. Reports that cell phones left behind rang for hours as loved ones desperately tried to reach their relatives. And among those who lost their lives, 29-year-old sonny Melton, a registered nurse from Tennessee, who died while shielding his wife Heather, a surgeon, with his own body. 35-year-old mother of three Hannah Ahlers seen here before the concert began. It's okay to mourn those you love. Reporter: 34-year-old las Vegas police officer Charleston Hartfield, off duty at the time, military veteran and father killed while helping others to safety of the his family and friends holding a vigil to honor his bravery. We've all had tough day, hard days but we have to get through it and keep moving forward. Reporter: Amid such tragedy come the stories of heroism, Jonathan David Smith credited with saving more than 20 lives when he broke down a security gate and formed a human chain to lead others to safety off the field. I ran back towards the shooting and there was one lady that was on the ground. I basically helped her up and just told her just to run. I basically just told her we got to go. She didn't want to move. At that point, more shots rang out. I proceeded to go with the two gentlemen carrying the lady. Look for paramedics. Reporter: Jonathan said there was an off-duty officer who helped him taking the shirt off his back and using it as a tourniquet. He said the bullet is still lodgeed in his neck. Doctors did not want to take it out fearful they would do more damage. There is a trauma surgeon in las Vegas who said overnight that he treated so many people he didn't know their names. He didn't know who they were. They were just bringing bodies in and said one thing was uniform about them all of he said this wasn't some ordinary street weapon, the kind of ammunition used did maximum damage inside all of these people who were rushed into ers throughout Las Vegas. David, we'll talk more about that and get back to you in a moment. We are learning new details

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"Stephen Paddock, 64, is also suspected of injuring at least 515 people after shots were fired from a Mandalay Bay hotel room into a crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50246849","title":"At least 59 dead in Las Vegas mass shooting","url":"/GMA/video/59-dead-las-vegas-mass-shooting-50246849"}