7.3-Magnitude Quake Strikes Off Coast of Japan

Same area that was struck by historic quake, tsunami in 2011 is hit once again.
2:22 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for 7.3-Magnitude Quake Strikes Off Coast of Japan
Let's get to the news out of japan. The powerful earthquake, shaking the entire country. Sam has been tracking it all. Sam? Just imagine how frightening that night and morning was. We're talking about friday by the time we get to japan. A 7.3 earthquake kicks off the northern east coast of japan. If there looks familiar to you, it's because just last year there was a 9.0 quake there. It triggered the tsunami and then the nuclear disaster in fukushima. To compare the two, this one is weaker. This sent a wall of water towards the coastline. But this trigger a tsunami warning. At points, there was a six-foot tsunami expected. Actually, a three-foot wave, wall of water did work along the coastline. The tsunami warnings are canceled right now. Let me show you all of the video coming out. This is from tokyo. You realize, you see the buildings shaking, this is more than 200 miles away from the center of this quake. As frightening as that must have been, they didn't know how strong the quake was at the time it was happenin and the buildings are shaking like this. There's also scenes of folks trying to cram into train stations because warning sirens were going off all along the coastline of japan, telling people to get away from the shore. They knew this was going to be a powerful quake. And they knew there was a chance of a tsunami. We asked akiko fujita to set up the scene for us. Reporter: This morning's quake was reminiscent of the large quake last year in so many It hit just after 5:00 in the afternoon. We felt our shaking in the tokyo bureau. But it got stronger and stronger and stronger. It lasted several minutes. Then, the warnings for that tsunami. We heard one of the network anchors at one point call out to the rents, saying, please, do not forget about what happened last year. Please, evacuate immediately. Just to give you an idea of the intensity of the shaking we experienced today, it was a five on a scale of one to seven in japan. The quake last year was a six. Sam? And that we know of, two folks have been injured. Thank you, akiko. We've counted nine aftershocks in that area. They have an early warning system, with seismographs all along the coastline of japan. They were able to give folks a six-minute warning, which is amazingly helpful, if they know where everyone should go and get away. That's an orderly evacuation. We don't know about that one yet.

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{"id":17902002,"title":"7.3-Magnitude Quake Strikes Off Coast of Japan","duration":"2:22","description":"Same area that was struck by historic quake, tsunami in 2011 is hit once again.","url":"/GMA/video/73-magnitude-quake-strikes-off-coast-japan-tsunami-17902002","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}