911 Operator Helps Save Dad's Life on Her First Day of Work

Georgia 911 dispatcher Crystal Morrow gets an unexpected emergency call about her diabetic father.
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 911 Operator Helps Save Dad's Life on Her First Day of Work
Steve sami, Atlanta. Now to someone doing the right thing. A 911 dispatcher on her first day on the job, she saved a life. One which astonishingly turned out to be her own father. ABC's John muller is here with this touching story. It is touching and incredible. Good morning. We all know how stressful the first day of any new job is but imagine being a brand-new 911 operator and lives are on the line. Now, if that's not stressful enough imagine one of your first calls has your own dad fighting for his life. Reporter: Dekalb emergency 911, what's the address of the emergency. Reporter: A mere four hours into crystal morrow's first day on the job, and she was about to hear the last voice she expected on the other end of this call. I have a 55-year-old man here that's had diabetes or whatever and he's incoherent. Reporter: Her aunt gale calling 911 in this tape to request emergency assistance for crystal's own father who had gone into a diabetic shock last August. I heard her voice and I saw her name pop up on the screen. I was like, wait, this is my aunt. Reporter: The whole time her aunt had no idea she was speaking to her own niece. Are you with him now? Yes, I am. And is he awake? Yes, he is. And is he breathing? Yes. I did freeze. Like I -- my hands froze over the keyboard but I knew I had to go ahead and send help. Reporter: Morrow tried to remain calm walking her aunt through life-saving steps while waiting for paramedics to arrive. Is he breathing normally. Yes. I'm spending the paramedics to help you. Stay on the line. Reporter: For 2 1/2 minutes morrow remained cool under pressure. I want you to watch him very closely, if he becomes less awake and vops quickly turn him on his side. If he gets worse in any way call us back immediately for further instructions, okay? Okay. All right. They're on the way. Reporter: Her father would be just fine but morrow is still surprised at the odds she would get the call in the first place at a dispatch unit with 8 to 12 operators getting close to 3,000 calls each day. Because so many people in the room I didn't think I would get the call and it's crazy I got it on the very first day. Just incredible. Crystal morrow's dad doing fine. 911 training is so thorough that crystal was actually trained on how to handle herself in the event a family member were to call. That training paid off immediately. This morning that rookie is now a veteran. Yes, she is. Alwayamazing they're trained for that. Cool customer. Trained for it. You could hear it in her voice. I was thinking how does she say so contained? She was trained. You want to say aunt Barbara, what's up? Thanks to all the 911 dispasters. All right, John, thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Georgia 911 dispatcher Crystal Morrow gets an unexpected emergency call about her diabetic father.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23155777","title":"911 Operator Helps Save Dad's Life on Her First Day of Work","url":"/GMA/video/911-operator-helps-save-dads-life-day-work-23155777"}