Aaron Hernandez Charged With First-Degree Murder

Former New England Patriot was indicted in connection with the killing of Odin Lloyd.
11:43 | 08/22/13

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Transcript for Aaron Hernandez Charged With First-Degree Murder
I'm tired and is in new York and this is an ABC news digital special report you're looking at former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez he is in a courtroom today. He has been indicted on first degree murder charges in the connection with the death of 27 year old -- android. Who was shot five times execution style back on June 17. Here and listen in on these proceedings that mark. -- Minister -- -- -- -- Here. Yeah one of the latest. We consider these terrorists crossing arms -- Courtroom -- Way. We'd like dressed in her life dress. Status again. -- -- Here -- we're very sorry -- -- in his right. -- -- Okay okay. Turns on its. Furthermore -- Yeah. -- -- Yeah. In order your Brothers -- concerned when we address -- second motion for necessary is currently -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Okay and -- Specifically -- five. Here. Ten days -- Six games -- dvds -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. -- He's -- To me walking -- my. -- PM rules. Just this morning. -- -- Consider. Yeah. Plastic. Here's -- -- the specifics. I'll read. Motion to -- commonwealth from willfully misleading potential witnesses. Or otherwise obstruct justice. Body responds that. That first night here. Raise any of these issues. Well let me. No -- Do you respond. Like always it's now -- All day today has not. -- -- Even. Well yeah. Easy way of dressing. I take -- the commonwealth has no intention of willfully misleading potential witnesses or otherwise obstructing justice. And so in order not to do that would be. -- necessary. Are you planning on doing in the ordinary course. Council. To clarify what your problems are with the gag order -- with compliance with the get a wonderful gag order so. Your honor. But we're not raising the issue of compliance with the gag order today. What we're raising because of the unique posture this case stands on before this court today we hear word of an indictment superior court you know we're here. And yet the commonwealth went forward with -- hearing here today we have motions pending before. Is your career today good to -- -- We're out of love and the defense believe in this case. Is still look for the district court and the district court judges -- -- long OK is there Hernandez recommends. Pension and Warner to ensure a fair trial. For mr. Hernandez. That in order. Prohibits. Commentary on the evidence in this case. In the public ground of course -- -- -- -- rules of professional responsibility. Which also apply in this case without any need for any quarter. Because of the posture of the case is on right now your honor as it will be a -- -- Hey the interim between an arraignment in superior court. We just want the court to clarified and two -- confirm judge -- change order that which was very specific and. Okay they're -- specific provision that he requested to clarify and -- be glad to hear otherwise. Provision judge okay and to the auto orally and said. That this order shall apply while the matter is in the district court -- the issuance of an indictment as we've heard this morning we don't want it to be any confusion this matter. Sure your brother understands that there's -- case in this court until it is dismissed which would take place. Quite properly after the anticipated arrangement -- if it is necessary to do so. The order entered by judge -- remains in effect. To change by judge okay we're dismissal of this rare. -- -- -- I think it sounds -- a number of factors converging on this seven days. Counsel for the commonwealth when do you think there will be possible to arrange for the arraignment in superior court. -- -- -- -- Like we did do was help -- continue this matter war. She's minister for -- -- from a -- this matter further hearing next Friday the market for probable cause. I can't for the end of the case is not to be dismissed that day for the Commonwealth's response to the two motions and there are before the court the notion. Dealing with the discovery. -- -- -- -- Same conditions of confinement for the defendant. -- Armenia would be immediately -- to happen to -- it's fine thank you otherwise your -- ordinary. Businesses were less certain matters. Torture thing. -- You been. You've been watching courtroom proceedings for former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez -- on -- just moments ago in the courtroom. In Attleboro. Massachusetts. He is now indicted this is a separate proceeding but the prosecution announcing today in that courtroom a grand jury did. Hand down an indictment. Earlier today on charges of murder and several firearms possessions charges as well and this proceeding. Was I believe supposed to be a probable cause hearing but that. Has been delayed with word now that the indictment has come through. From the grand jury the judge deciding that they we'll all meet again next Friday. To continue on and the judge also announcing that confinement stands as you know Aaron Hernandez is being held without now. In the suspicion of murder case against 27 year old golden boy who was. -- -- Aaron Hernandez so again next Friday they -- convene again in the Attleboro district courtroom. To consider two motions. And possibly. -- probable cause. Next Friday and that is the very latest in the case that has sparked a lot of attention since held in mind. Was found dead and presumably murdered on June 17 he was shot five times execution style. Aaron Hernandez and arrested show a short time after that you see the video there of his being escorted. From his home. Very famous football player for the New England Patriots and quite a blow. To the reputation of that team and of course to Aaron Hernandez -- self. And you have been watching an ABC news digital special report I'm -- Hernandez in New York thank you for watching.

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{"id":20038364,"title":"Aaron Hernandez Charged With First-Degree Murder","duration":"11:43","description":"Former New England Patriot was indicted in connection with the killing of Odin Lloyd.","url":"/GMA/video/aaron-hernandez-charged-first-degree-murder-20038364","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}