Aaron Sorkin's Emotional Connection to his 'Steve Jobs' Movie

Sorkin talks to Peter Travers about why he decided to make a film about Steve Jobs and how Jobs' own daughter inspired the way the film was made.
16:30 | 10/23/15

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Transcript for Aaron Sorkin's Emotional Connection to his 'Steve Jobs' Movie
Flynn you do you. What do you do. Why is -- hundred rupees. Tony fourth graders have heard of you know. You can't write code. You're not an engine here you're not a designer. You can't put a hammer to nail. The Circuit Court to crack the decrease was stolen from Xerox park Jeff rescue leader of the Mac deemed important tool of his own project. Everything sort of in the balks. So how can ten times and they I read Steve Jobs is a genius. What do you do. I play the orchestra. A fact. Hey everybody. I name is Peter Travers and this is popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie now called Steve Jobs that I think. Is the best movie you'll see anywhere. And it has Michael Fassbinder Steve Jobs you can think it's a biopic and I'm gonna say to you know it isn't. So what is it besides this great move beyond saying it. It has a script by Mike yesterday parents torque and that takes you places you don't see coming I don't know. Day higher compliment to pay somebody so Aaron. Welcome. To be here thank you very much. It's just it's true but I would think that when you came up with the idea that you were going to tell something of the Steve Jobs story. By doing three product launches. That took place. Acts through at three different years in three different places that people would've tried to have an intervention. You would think so yes. But. Here's what happened before you what I wanted to do I knew what I did want to do and that was a biopic. As you alluded to. I think that the cradle to grave structure landing on the character's greatest hits along the way. Is a structure that's familiar to audiences and I didn't think I'd be able to shake it. So after. About. A year's worth of research which involve mostly. Spending a lot of time we're all the real people were represented in the film obviously with the exception of Steve who passed away at the time. As well several dozen others who are represented in the film I came up with this idea. Have the entire movie beat three scenes all of them in real time all of them taking place backstage in the moments leading up to a product launch. But I didn't think there was any chance studio. Would do that. And we hadn't this is the same group of people with whom I had just done. The soul shall not work and then money ball so. I had some good will in the bank and I'm just grateful if they had confidence in me confidence in the idea. And they said that go ahead try that and and we did. Of course he if you're gonna build a movie entirely. Out of dialogue you need a visual master like Danny Boyle to come in and give it. Visual interest and to come in and get great performances out of great cast of actors. Both of which she did in spades one thing that gets me is that you chosen in these product Cox's to have the characters in his life. Approach him there's no way we know that they would there at any of those product launches sure and I think that that's. What I think that the movie pretty early on announces itself as something impressionist as a painting rather than a photograph. Obviously. It's unlikely that. Half hour before each product lines. All of these now the most important people the people with whom yes these intense conflicts were all present themselves to him. To continue the conflict for years later ten years later. That's something that you do with art. Newton and when you're choosing it why did you choose that why did you say 1998. Would be. When I finished with I chose 1984 where he introduced the Mac. Because. At that time Lisa his eldest daughter was five years old. And he was still denying paternity. Up her and I want us to start there also the Mac. Was that really the first. Product out of apple that Steve that was entirely Steve sir he believe. Was entirely states. And it failed. Act two is next which is the king in exile he's been on eyes he's left apple. Either he was fired or quit depending on who you talk to a depending on how you interpret the scenes that we show you. And then act three is the king returning. You said once when I'm writing about somebody who's a real person and it's in this world today you can't judge them that way that you need to. Defend and identify with writes them how do you defend and identify with Steve Jobs. The thing about Steve I found that was like me was. That. When I write something I'm I find that my identity. It is wrapped that and if you know the director or the producer wants me to change this line to that line. It's it's very personal to me I lived and died with these things so I can identify. Oh win with that part of Steve. I can identify with Steve's insistence that these things be what they call closed and to and that you not be able to. Alter it and onto it open and up. And and play with you know whenever I hear about. Movies being interactive. You can throw a few good men on and rewrite this scene change that put yourself in the courtroom you think what a great idea I think I want it. That that that back can feel. I think that they well. There's a sense of ruthlessness. About Steve that you alluded to before do you have and then you are you ruthless in the protection of you work. Now I am I'm not ruthless first of all I'd work ways people who I don't feline need to defend the work. Come from them there allies. And and I trust them. So if Danny Boyle if Scott room Michael Fassbinder Kate Winsley. Are talking to me about a scene I really want to hear what they have to say these are very Smart people. And they're comes a point in the writing process. When you do you want fresh eyes on it and and these of the people I listened to you now the other voices. But these people I listened to so. So there's no need to be ruthless. And temperamental Leah I just an enemy either ride you don't kick things throw things what is UI and Sorkin angry. What's it like. To it I'm very angry right now really expect. I don't worry I got it easy at all and chaos it's not a listen I am I I I work in a whether it's I play a movie television series. Gates and it's a collaborative. Art form. And all and I'm I'm one of the leaders. There so. I'm I'm all about. I like camera. Well not a good thing in the process yet doing wet when night that that their shouting IQ is to say. Yes. Flat out. Asked if the best let's just do it added at an auction on how churches that are records. You've got to get him to not smile. If he smiles and that are gone lines just get a finance you're doing great. Good thing that I didn't believe yet that this is what happens to these actors sometimes surprise you despite the right that you written the words that are in all ways always in a good boy good ran a great way greatly there's always a moment. Fantastic. Surprise. One example that may not even me anything I just happened to be think it matters I was going to sleep last night. There's seen in the third act between Michael fast spenders Seth Rogen Steve Jobs and and Steve Watson. And it's it's. Pitched very high there there having a fight that's been on for nineteen years now and and that's the climax. And Steve. Has the line to Wozniak is a matter of fact the apple you. Nearly destroyed me with it slot so that hackers and hobbyists could Bild am radios or something. That's the lions that I wrote. Here's Michael's. Delivery of the line it's exactly the same. As a matter of fact the apple to nearly destroyed me with its slot so that hackers and hobbyists could build ham radios. There's something. I'm and fat little B in dad Michael is so in the moment. My way it was the theatrical way of doing it my way was the way I actually sent it out loud when I was writing it. His way I'm just telling you it radiates from the screen. He is in the moment. I and it's it's moments like that that are delightful surprise when you would doing that Michael Fassbinder thing it reminds me again. Your beginnings which ones you wanted in act. And walk well I I've wanted to be wasn't really. Of when I was little I was kitten I want to be an actor arsenal school plays in and commute here's stuff that I went to college. And got my degree in theater. But I realize by my senior year that. All those years and I'd I'd taken acting classes in New York circle square. That all those years when my friends were learning how to act. I was learning something else I I was learning what play was. And that what I really love was story telling what I really loved was dialogue like my parents had taken me. To see place starting from and it was very young. And they but oftentimes take it easy place that I was too young to understand. Who's afraid of Virginia wolf when I was nine years old icing no problems nothing poop. So what well I but I love the sound dialogue I didn't understand what was going on onstage. Love the sound of dialogue sounded like music to me. And and I want it to imitate that's. And you make the music you listen to that music in your dialect has music in it but. You also need to go back to that identify there was one person you didn't mention anti key thing and Steve Jobs. And that is on his daughter whose daughter Lisa that the guys make you. Have a daughter I do some Tibetan making fuel more for that care. Absolutely and at the beginning it was a big obstacle for me I could get half. So people know this is in the spoiler but Steve denied paternity. Lisa and if that. And even his subsequent treatment and little uncomfortable talk about somebody else's parent. That was a big obstacle forming part for me to get past that how was I going to talk about the Macintosh or anything else. When that was standing in the way that was all like cared about. But it was of all people Lisa herself who who got me through that I got to spent a lot of time release. And Lisa had an ability. To tell me a story about her father wasn't necessarily the most flattering story but like a prison she would turn it a little bit save you could see how he loved me though. Because this this and this. Now. Now I know I'm gonna right about now line or the emotional seller this story is. After everything else after all the Sturm and John. Just keep coming. And I see that connection that's there so your own dog Roxy for gas Roxy. What kind of critic is she your. Did she go to Steve Jobs was she. We the movie had its world premiere at that your film festival. On Saturday October 3 and and she came with me. And she ran to me in hugged me. Dad this is the best thing. You ever written. And then gave me the greatest compliment it. Teenagers in give their father. When Tennessee. I haven't shown my daughter a lot of what I've written. She's never seen an episode of the west wing never seen an episode sports night that he is sixty I'm worried that she's too young and that shall be. Bored by it and I just wanted to wait until she's. 161718. To watch it. And I thought this. Of all the ones. Which is the other no car chases nothing but. She'll be polite and she's a great kid. But I can't imagine this being matters thing. And either she really did love it or are she's a wonderful liar. Either way. She's a great thinking that right now. Now I I've got it she doubt sincere it made it it it was a fantastic. It was a great father daughter night and I think that. In the way that I wrote the father daughter relationship in this movie she was able to see something. How I feel about her. Since this is the week that the anniversary for years Steve to yes and that you never met him. What do you say to him if you were able to meet him today what would you say from all of the study you did and research into. I would ask him not why he denied paternity. Of Lisa. I would ask him that same question Lisa asks them at the end of the movie why did he. Pretend that the computer police wasn't named after her. When it it was I'm just so curious. Why as Lisa says. I was five years old adage just lie. I would I would ask him that it's it's that thing it's it's the relationship with Lisa that. That I don't understand I I don't try to answer that question. I'm in the movie. I let you argue about it in the parking lot that we all have a feeling yet yet but that's about it yet but it art well we always in the show it's the first time you've been on this so. It always ends in song and I'd never had anyone here. Who would actually studied musical theater yeah. Oh. It's gonna happen now know it just be a little snippet of I hear once maybe this is wrong you look up things about people. That you did delivered singing telegraphed I delivered singing telegram. And that we need daily singing telegram company I don't remember lady di it was the will be decreasing telegraph company where we have the red white striped jacket straw hat. You have to walk into fancy restaurants for the thing balloons America's new anything I saw don't have a view it's like. Please it's it's obviously it's a dignity swallowing. This situation why ask for you needed 22 dollars yeah. To buy food like you're holding steady at and you don't remember any short scenes you know what I I'd I don't maybe I've peaked yesterday what but one out of bounds Gilbert sound. All I know a lot of just a little bit of that we. Share lion the very model of a modern major general information that's adorable animal than mineral. That enough. It's not Evan I think it's important to have that actors he knew that person that wants to if someone said to me we want you to plate umpire came in The Pirates of Penzance at city UK yet aren't you hear that an. Aaron that he thanks very much Peter appreciate it very.

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{"duration":"16:30","description":"Sorkin talks to Peter Travers about why he decided to make a film about Steve Jobs and how Jobs' own daughter inspired the way the film was made.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34684484","title":"Aaron Sorkin's Emotional Connection to his 'Steve Jobs' Movie","url":"/GMA/video/aaron-sorkins-emotional-connection-steve-jobs-movie-34684484"}