Abigail Hernandez Kidnapping Suspect Faces $1 Million Bail

The man accused of holding the teenager captive for nine months was arraigned in court.
2:50 | 07/30/14

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Transcript for Abigail Hernandez Kidnapping Suspect Faces $1 Million Bail
We turn now to the latest on the kidnapping of New Hampshire teenager Abigail Hernandez. Dramatic scene in court Tuesday. She was right there in the front row when the man accused of holding her captive for nine months was charged. ABC's Ryan smith has the latest from Conway, New Hampshire. Good morning, Ryan. Reporter: Good morning, George. It's not often that we see somebody as young as Abigail Hernandez face her alleged captor in court just days after returning home. But there she was remarkably poised as we're now learning more about the man now sitting in jail for allegedly denying her freedom for nine months. In a packed New Hampshire courtroom Tuesday, Abigail Hernandez seen for the first time publicly since her disappearance watching from the front row as her alleged kidnapper Nathaniel Kibby can arraigned with bail set at $1 million. The allegation is that you committed the offense of kidnapping. Reporter: The remarkably poised 15-year-old flanked by her mother and sister never making eye contact with the man accused of snatching her off the treat in October as she walked home from school. Other than a is tearous letter sent to her mother there was to sign of Abby until last Sunday when she suddenly returned home. I think she's starting to feel a little bit of peace. She gets to wake up and hug her mom. I cannot tell you how a child like that can get through the nine months and endure but she has done that. Reporter: Kibby charged one count of felony kidnapping faces up to seven years in prison if investigated. If there is additional evidence that other crimes will be committed, those charges will be brought. Reporter: According to court documents Kibby's criminal history goes back to 19 8 including convictions on simple assault and breach of bail conditions. He was even in court just last week for sentencing on a charge of criminal trespass. Abby had just returned home three days earlier. This morning, we've also learned Kibby was recently laid off from his job as a machine operator. This person, he kept to himself, didn't really talk to anybody. Reporter: Meanwhile, the FBI still searching Kibby's property including this red storage container in his yard. Some describing it as an above ground bunker. So at this point it's interesting, his next court date, August 12th. His preliminary hearing, that's when prosecutors must present enough evidence to bind him over for trial. At this point we may learn more about how she returned home and the alleged offenses that Kibby committed against her. George. Ryan, we saw the FBI at his property right now but the police were actually at Kibby's house back in March. Reporter: That's right. Related to a dispute that he was having with someone, he actually asked police to come to his house because he had guns in his possession and that it might violate his parole. So according to court documents they went to his house to collect those guns and that was during the time that Abigail was missing. Okay, Ryan smith, thanks very much.

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{"id":24769247,"title":"Abigail Hernandez Kidnapping Suspect Faces $1 Million Bail","duration":"2:50","description":"The man accused of holding the teenager captive for nine months was arraigned in court.","url":"/GMA/video/abigail-hernandez-kidnapping-suspect-faces-million-bail-24769247","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}