Accused Georgia Killer's Daughters Defend Him on YouTube

Matt Leili was arrested last year, four years after his daughters' mother was found dead.
2:44 | 01/26/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Accused Georgia Killer's Daughters Defend Him on YouTube
We move on to a new murder trial in Georgia where a father of two charged with killing his wife pretending she disappeared business his teenage daughters are firmly in his corner defending hill on youtube and Steve osunsami has the story. Reporter: This morning as a jury is seated at Matt leili's murder trial a family is flit in two. We just want our dad home. Reporter: His teenage daughters are saying that their father could never have killed their mother Dominique. My parents, they were married 13 years, my dad loved my mom. He still does. Reporter: Here they are on youtube, Amanda and Rebecca defending their dad after he was arrested last year nearly four years after their mother's nude body was found covered in leaves in a wooded area near their suburban Atlanta home. Police say that Matt leili waited two days to report his wife missing in July of 2011 and then filed for divorce two days later. From the start Dominique's family blamed her husband for the murder saying that the couple fought bitterly before she disappeared. It's a thing I've pictured in my mind for awhile but had doubts as to whether I would see it. Reporter: Matt leili was arrested in March of last year after police took another look at a computer seized from the home that contained files from the family's surveillance system. You have been charged with murder. Reporter: But even authorities say they have no magic bullet. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death inconclusive only saying it was possible she died by strangulation or asphyxiation. He is pleading not guilty. Steve osunsami, ABC news. Let's talk to Dan Abrams about this. That youtube video such an emotional pull. What difference does it make to the legal case. The daughters of the victim and the person on trial deciding we need to put this out on youtube. We need to make sure people realize that my dad didn't do it. Now, the youtube video itself won't be the issue but they're going to testify and they're not just going to testify about, oh, we loved our dad. We don't think he did it. They're going to offer substantive testimony in particular 911 call which the prosecutors are going to introduce to say she called 911. This is evidence of problems in their relationship, et cetera. The girls are going to say, mom called but there was nothing wrong. We were there. She was off her rocker at that time. That's incredibly valuable testimony for the defense. As Steve pointed out this is not a rock solid case and it did take authorities four years to bring it. You have even the police spokesperson saying we don't have a magic bullet. This just tipped the scales for us. Boy, that sure makes it sound like they don't have a rock solid case at all here. In conjunction with the fact that his daughters are going to testify on his behalf this is not going to be an easy case. Dan Abrams, thanks very much. Woo ale keep an eye on it.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Matt Leili was arrested last year, four years after his daughters' mother was found dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36520945","title":"Accused Georgia Killer's Daughters Defend Him on YouTube","url":"/GMA/video/accused-georgia-killers-daughters-defend-youtube-36520945"}