Action Icon Sylvester Stallone Hatches "Escape Plan" With Schwarzenegger

Stallone plays professional jail breaker testing security of world's prisons in latest film.
4:49 | 10/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Action Icon Sylvester Stallone Hatches "Escape Plan" With Schwarzenegger
Sylvester stallone has an escape plan that involves arnold schwarzenegger. His latest film coming out on friday, stallone plays a professional jailbreaker, hired to test the security of the world's prison. And he's got it down to, let's say a science. Let's take a look. Any break requires three things. Knowing the layout, understanding the routine and help from outside. If you know the layout, the weak side is obvious. In ben water's case, it's the secure housing unit, next to the fire garage. Knowing the guards routine is the next step. After I knew the routine, all i had to do was pick the day. We're glad you picked today to be with us here. Give it up for sylvester stallone, ladies and gentlemen. For real. Oh. We love it when you stop by. And spend a little time with us. And I have to say, you think you've seen every kind of prison film, this one is so different. And it even got your attention when you were reading it early on. I thought that arnold and I -- we've been working together -- at least in the film business, for the last 250 years. So, we don't bring a whole lot of surprises. But the actual prison itself, the construction of it and the aura of this horrible place, that's what started the movie. You talked about arnold. You brought him back in "the expendables," a great franchise. But early on in your careers, you were going for the same roles. And you have an incredible friendship. We started out hating each other. Even our dna hated each other. We are very, very competitive. Oh, my god. How do you compete with a guy seven times mr. Olympia. So, we started going in different directions. And became unbelievable competitive, like ali/frazier. Now, we have mutual respect because we're survivors in this. And this guy's pretty special. You know what I was grateful for in this film, the two of you fight. If you hadn't, we would have been gypped a little bit. The fight scene you had. And I know you both ended up in the hospital. It wasn't because of the fight scene. No. It was climbing up and down. When you see the movies going down steel ladders and jumping, it comes with the territory. You're going to break something. Something's going to go. We see the picture of you two right here. Oh, boy. But it was a ladder, coming off a ladder? At least it's separate beds. Thank god. You know -- people would start talking. Yeah. You don't shy away, sylvester, from these kinds of action-packed movies. You're drawn to them, aren't you? I know. I don't know why. Common sense, I mess is not my strong suit. But there's something about the challenge of these films. They're going to be extinct. Technology is going to take over. While I can still do them, while there is that option, I'm going to go for it. You're also such a renaissance man. And you've been an artist, the past 40 years. I know. Have a big show coming up. Yeah. In russia. Tell us about that. It's never been done before. And it's very, very flattering because there's so many great artists in the world. But for some reason, they chose me to go over there and show this 40-year retrospective of all the paintings from the beginning up until now, which i thought was really odd. And also, fantastically -- a fantastic opportunity. That's eventually where I'd like to focus a great deal of my time, that and sculpture. And a lot of people know you've been an artist for so long. A long time. Glad you're sharing with us. And how about this musical -- "roc "rocky" the musical. Singing and punching his way into your hearts. This is something we worked on. A partner of mine, 14 years to get this going. And it just was very hard on broadway. The oddest thing is, it was developed in germany in hamburg, and sung in german. You can imagine, going -- I'm going to hit you in the schnitzel. It was hard to follow. It works in german. So, we're coming from hamburg to the winter garden in march. And it's going to be amazing. But it's very funny how today, the world has changed so much. Before, let's practice in new jersey. Open in new haven. Let's try hamburg and see if "rocky" works. That's the world we live in now. Sylvester stallone, thank you very much. And friday, "escape plan" opens on friday. You can come back anytime.

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{"id":20585799,"title":"Action Icon Sylvester Stallone Hatches \"Escape Plan\" With Schwarzenegger","duration":"4:49","description":"Stallone plays professional jail breaker testing security of world's prisons in latest film.","url":"/GMA/video/action-icon-sylvester-stallone-hatches-escape-plan-schwarzenegger-20585799","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}