Actor and Producer BJ Novak Turns Author

"The Office" actor discusses his new book "One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories."
3:00 | 02/05/14

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Transcript for Actor and Producer BJ Novak Turns Author
-- remember BJ Novak from the office he's seen him in movies like saving mr. banks -- you can read his very funny first -- one more thing. Stories and other stories BJ Novak here right now -- just that little fan moment with -- -- Google here I Montana show I think it's really good. Had enough I like it. I understand your book if he's so funny I was I was -- I was lying on the couch last night. Harper was doing her homework -- sort of laughing outlet should -- with -- that is just it's so fantastic. Like -- ask -- where these ideas come from. A blind date with a warlord yeah. Well I like matching up unexpected combinations that's why some of the stories take place in the real world with slight changes are. You know and sometimes it'll be a twist on. A tale that we already know or -- do you do -- twist on the tortoise and the -- yeah well that always followed me -- -- and her story. I felt that that was unfair to to tell that want to. I'm so I'm sure the hair regretted that time he really got cocky and messed up but in general. A hair will be a tortoise and I felt if I feel as bad for the here imagine how the haircut and you kind of wondered if -- if you would ask for re not telling the and -- we won't give away when I give away the ending -- even taken these stories out on the road. Well in a sense I spent a lot of time while -- was on the office and and before as a standup comic. And I found that that was the best way to really be brutally honest with your material what works and what doesn't. So I started when I wrote these stories going on stage and theater in LA and just booking theater and performing. The story's really and seeing what worked and what didn't and it was really. Helpful it was felt great -- -- work and terrible record but everything improved inhabitants are so many great things happening for right now we would love -- saving. Mr. but I think you have a small chance that an Oscar. What won't score you send. -- -- -- -- the score -- the first time I think since since seventh grade. I think the other picture that well that's the movie right -- but we're gonna I think we have a picture here last -- -- Indiana that's me in Oklahoma. And that character's name is currently an answer -- -- you can imagine how good a resident -- That was the last -- -- saying. In front of people before this movie this is your first time now on GM AC got to play a little bit of the game here he got it -- -- -- are confidential. Show you photos -- start within a movie say the first word. Becomes your mind first up Emma Thompson saying mister banks. Gorgeous. Could -- next up from in glorious bastards Brad Pitt. -- -- If -- on -- people out of -- Steve Carell the office. Nice nice OK in January knocked out when we're talking about a before would be Jonah Hill -- -- We didn't have any scenes together so I don't -- -- up is really the smallest of but it's a classic movie in my -- 900 and it. And I Jonah -- funny -- -- the definition funny and coming up you gonna be in Spider-Man two I guess that Jamie Foxx. Cool. Very musical Kovacs so are you BJ -- thanks for coming in one more thing stories and other stories in stores now have regular --

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{"id":22373415,"title":"Actor and Producer BJ Novak Turns Author","duration":"3:00","description":"\"The Office\" actor discusses his new book \"One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories.\"","url":"/GMA/video/actor-producer-bj-novak-turns-author-22373415","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}