Why Did Adam Lanza Snap?

Why Did Adam Lanza Snap?
2:15 | 12/15/12

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Transcript for Why Did Adam Lanza Snap?
Shooter twenty year old Adam lands and new details are emerging about him this morning authorities are now interviewing his family. And his friends trying to piece together what may have pushed him so far over the edge. ABC's Brian Ross joins us now with the latest on that part of the story Brian it it any answers seem unsatisfying as Dan just put it. This sort of Elizabeth he was armed of the chief -- high powered weapons authorities say we're legally obtained by someone whose family. And in an hour Adam lands and went from obscurity to infamy. Authorities overnight were questioning family members of the twenty year old killer a man believed to be Adam's older brother Ryan left -- New Jersey police station. As authorities sought to figure out what turned the youngest member of the -- a family into a bad man. We'll go backwards as far as we have to go. In this investigation and and and hopefully we'll stumble -- Federal agents say they recovered to high powered pistols from the scene and a semiautomatic rifle called a bushmaster similar to this one. Both Adam's mother and father were licensed to own such weapons according to federal agents. These crimes involve -- -- and fought wellness and strategizing. In order to put the plan together. So what may appear to be snapped behavior. Is it is is not bad at all. Even before the shooting. Adam -- seen here in a photo taken seven years ago was known in the neighborhood as a troubled child with -- overbearing mother. My son played with him when they were young. And in her home -- she was very particular. If you think she. That means he has to highest standards. Since Adams first victim was his mother Nancy. Killed at the family home according to police. Only then -- the head across town to the elementary school where authorities said his mother may have once served as a volunteer or teachers -- To the children didn't harm him but they are associated with his mother. In his mother I believe it may be the real focus of all of this. The guns used in the attack according to police are extremely popular and -- Elizabeth among people in this country who do look. Its -- right we'll have more about that I'm --

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