Adrian Peterson Case Sparks Online Debate

Professional athletes and celebrities all weighing in on the star running back's actions.
2:30 | 09/15/14

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Transcript for Adrian Peterson Case Sparks Online Debate
fire storm unleashed by the news that NFL star Adrian Peterson was arrested for take ahhing a switch to his little boy. Juju change H has the story. Reporter: This morning, Adrian Peterson is free on bail. Parents everywhere weighing in on whether disciplining his son with a switch or wooden branch the right thing to do. On Sunday, cris Carter joining the conversation. My mom was wrong. She did the best she could. But she was wrong with some of the stuff she taught me. Reporter: To NBA superstar Charles Barkley. I'm from the south. We do whipping all the time. Every black parent in the south is going be in jail. In the south, there's a higher tolerance for spanking versus the northeast. There are other ways to discipline a child without inflicting pain and certainly bodily injury. Reporter: It is legal in the U.S. As long as the force is deemed reasonable. In this case, a jagrand jury is deciding Peterson crossed the line. There could be repercussions. They may be more likely to be depressed. They can become more aggressive toward other children. Reporter: The American academy of pediatrics continues to warn against severe forms of corporal punishment, parents have the right to choose. "Gma" viewers weighing in, saying 71% of them believe in spanking. Just 29% against it. In 19 states, many in the south, it's still legal for teachers to hit children. Oh, yeah. Right? Inside the classroom. There's fascinating research in the journal of family psychology, showing spanking, the open-handed slaps on the tush doesn't really work. 73% of the kids spanked in the study started misbehaving again within ten minutes. There's a difference between spanking and abuse. We're talking about abuse. Question mark. I'm surprised 71% still support it? Wow. I guess I'm from that generation and from the south. And there is a difference. Yes. And you said Adrian admitted he perhaps went too far. But we'll see. We'll see. I was spanked growing up for sure. Show of hands? All were. Look at how we turned out. But we don't do it now.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Professional athletes and celebrities all weighing in on the star running back's actions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25507830","title":"Adrian Peterson Case Sparks Online Debate","url":"/GMA/video/adrian-peterson-case-sparks-online-debate-25507830"}