A&E to End Phil Robertson's 'Duck Dynasty' Suspension

Reality television star can resume taping next season's shows despite anti-gay comment scandal.
3:00 | 12/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A&E to End Phil Robertson's 'Duck Dynasty' Suspension
This news may way -- the landed overnight. A big about-face for cable's most popular reality tv show. A&e reversing the decision over phil robertson. Saying he can start taping next season's shows already. Rachel smith flew all the way in from l.A., For such an important story. We've been talking about this for weeks. This controversy has been a much-talked about topic for nine, ten days now. Now that the family that prays together, to a reported 30 million viewers on average, will stay together for a fifth season on television. The ducks are all in a row. The cable network a&e announcing they are reversing the suspension of phil robertson from the megahit "duck dynasty." Saying in a statement -- after discussions with the robertson family, as well as consulting with numerous advocacy groups, a&e has decided to continue filming "duck dynasty" later this spring, with the entire robertson family. There was talk of cancelling the show. With a billion-dollar property like "duck dynasty," that's going to be impossible to see through. Reporter: A surprising reversal on the two weeks after the 67-year-old patriarch was sent on hiatus for making controversial comments to "gq" magazine. Said the show would not go on without the dark commander. I think the robertson family made a power play by telling a&e, if he goes, we go. These guys made a bold move. And it worked out in their favor. Reporter: The backlash was swift and immediate on both sides of the debate. Responding to robertson's reenstatement, glaad, one of the first to condemn robertson, said the fight is not over. Writing in a statement, if dialogue with phil is not part of next steps, a&e has chosen profits over african-american and gay people, especially its employees and viewers. All of these guys are going to get a crash course in publici publicity. If anything, the "duck dynasty" guys will have duct tape over their mouths. Reporter: All of the controversy didn't stop the channel from airing a marathon of the highest-rated cable show in history on christmas day. Abc is a part-owner of a&e. And allen robertson, one of phil's sons, spoke to local press. He says the family is excited to make quality tv for their dedicated fans. And thanks them for their outpouring of support and prayer. The family made a risky bet, saying they're going to stick together and not let the show drive them apart. And it paid off. Thank you. And coming up on "good morning america," a quick quiz

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{"id":21355866,"title":"A&E to End Phil Robertson's 'Duck Dynasty' Suspension","duration":"3:00","description":"Reality television star can resume taping next season's shows despite anti-gay comment scandal.","url":"/GMA/video/ae-end-phil-robertsons-duck-dynasty-suspension-21355866","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}