Afghan Teen Goes From Poverty to Oscars

Fawad Mohammedi's role in "Buzkashi Boys" is taking him to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards.
1:54 | 02/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Afghan Teen Goes From Poverty to Oscars
It's a riveting look at life in Afghanistan. -- the real story behind Oscar nominated the -- she always takes place when cameras turn off. Here on the grimy streets of Kabul fourteen -- -- Mohammed he sells used magazines just to make a living you have -- let them. He spent half his life hustling the streets the only way to support his family after his father passed away. Then two years ago random encounter with American filmmaker Sam French changed his -- and I find it -- -- -- and then. French gave him a lead role would discuss -- boys playing the son of a blacksmith who dreams of playing Afghanistan's national -- what went through your heart. When you saw yourself. In the movie -- cannot -- likening gold also hopped. How many drew up so poor his family couldn't afford -- television. He's never once been on a plane never even left the country when he asked him which actors would you like to me he told us. And then also to -- because -- -- Randall yet and most of the -- -- scene outside judging me. Across town Mohamad -- poster -- the hallways of the American Embassy. It's nothing short of extraordinary when he found out he couldn't afford the airfare they stepped in to help. Lots of really positive things are happening here and it's really important that the American people see. And at the airport -- taste of what's to come. Free first class tickets on Turkish Airlines wait for the entire team to travel to the Oscars in style -- -- win or lose Mohammed he told us he wants the world to hear this simple message Guinness and is but we -- of innocent -- a good Canty. A country -- now rallying behind its very own. Who's cashing voice. Mohammed we -- ABC news.

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"Fawad Mohammedi's role in \"Buzkashi Boys\" is taking him to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18550390","title":"Afghan Teen Goes From Poverty to Oscars","url":"/GMA/video/afghan-teen-goes-from-poverty-to-oscars-18550390"}