Al Qaeda Says Terror Leader Killed

Nasir al-Wahishi leads deadly AQ affiliate, potential heir to Osama bin Laden.
1:32 | 06/16/15

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Transcript for Al Qaeda Says Terror Leader Killed
We turn to a major blow against Al Qaeda. Their second in command, the head of the terrorist group in Yemen one of the world's most wanted man killed by a U.S. Air strike and Brian Ross here with the latest. Reporter: American officials this morning are calling this a huge victory against the Al Qaeda group which has been the most active in trying to target the U.S. With repeated plots aimed at American passenger jets. The comfortable pace cage early today from Al Qaeda itself. Announcing that the leader of its thriving operation in Yemen, Nasir Al wuhayshi had been killed in a U.S. Air strike. Last seen in this video, huge open air meeting with his fighters in Yemen last year, Nasir Al wuhayshi had emerge the as the most determined to target the U.S. It was his Al Qaeda bombmakers who were behind the repeated but failed efforts to bring down U.S. Passenger jets using bombs hidden in underwear and in printer cartridges able to easily get by airport security. Al wuhayshi who once served as Osama bin laden's personal aide had been one of America's most wanted terrorists with a $10 million reward for him dead or alive. In announcing his death this morning Al Qaeda also announced his successor to take over the terror group. Officials say despite this one killing this arm of Al Qaeda remains a major threat to the U.S. And commercial aircraft especially since the evil genius bombmaker remains alive, George, and still plotting. But it does come after that successful attack against a leader in Libya, as well. Thanks very much. Turning to that naacp leader under fire for pretending to be

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{"duration":"1:32","description":"Nasir al-Wahishi leads deadly AQ affiliate, potential heir to Osama bin Laden.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31796292","title":"Al Qaeda Says Terror Leader Killed","url":"/GMA/video/al-qaeda-terror-leader-killed-31796292"}