Alabama Hostage Crisis Over: Boy, 5, Safe

George Stephanopoulos talks to the great-aunt and uncle of the boy who was held captive for a week.
3:57 | 02/05/13

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Transcript for Alabama Hostage Crisis Over: Boy, 5, Safe
Thanks, gio. Joining us are ethan's great aunt and uncle. Take us back to that moment when you first heard he was safe. I was telling some of the family that, you know, if i could, I would do cartwheels all the way down the road. I was ecstatic. Everything seemed like it was just so much clearer. You know, we'd all been walking around in a fog. And everybody was just -- they were excited. There's no words to put how we felt and how relieved we were. What more on how he's doing? He's happy to be home. He's very excited. Like I said, he's happy to be home. And he looked good. He looks good. Deborah, we heard he was playing with his toy dinosaur last night. He was. He was having the biggest time. He had several toys he was playing with. And he was our ethan. What has his mom told you about how he's doing? She just said he's doing great. What more can you tell us about this man, mr. Dykes? There's been reports that he was kind of a menacing figure, brandishing a rifle at times. Even beating a dog to death at one point. Did you know him at all? Had you seen him? Did you know about this behavior? Only through the news media. We didn't know him personally. We just heard about how some of the things that he did, his actions. He seemed to have some issues. So, he was pretty well-known in the community, deborah? He was pretty well-known here. But I mean, you know, just small community here. I had never heard of him before. But others had. And we know that ethan's mom had been hoping that mr. Dykes would not be killed in this standoff because she said he's just a sick man. Did she talk to you about that? Like I said, as far as he goes, we were given just very little information on him. Tell us a little more about ethan. I know you call him your little buddy. He was -- he's a special child. He's 90 miles per hour all the time. He is a very, loving child. And when he walks in a room, he just lights it up. He's special. He's special to the whole family. And I know he loves your truck. Yes, he does. He's always asking me to take him for a ride. And I do. I have a couple of times. He just -- you know, he's just so excited about it. Like I said, he's so special to all of us. And not only to all of us, but to the whole community. We try to spend as much time with him as we possibly can. I mean, I just can't tell you how much he means to all of us. I'll bet you all are getting ready for a great birthday celebration tomorrow. Oh, yes. Yes. We heard that there was a lot of birthday cards being collected. And I'm sure it will be a day that he won't forget for a long time. Well, wish ethan happy birthday for us. Thank you. We will. We sure will. And thank you. Turning 6. And he's with his family. And that's what counts. Let's go to josh for the

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"George Stephanopoulos talks to the great-aunt and uncle of the boy who was held captive for a week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18408085","title":"Alabama Hostage Crisis Over: Boy, 5, Safe","url":"/GMA/video/alabama-boy-ethan-rescued-suspect-jimmy-lee-dykes-18408085"}