Alabama Soccer Player Recruited for High School Football Team

Soccer player Ashton White of Newton, Alabama earned a place on her high school's football team.
3:45 | 09/09/16

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Transcript for Alabama Soccer Player Recruited for High School Football Team
Didn't work out making it work out there explosive football. I young woman her name is Ashton white from Newton. Alabama shooting back kicker on the love came there at her school she. She's got to join us here faster. Jordan good Norton. Andre Harry is weren't Dylan wonderful also tell us what the Pope baucus does you play soccer and there's not a soccer team at your school. And you put the football coach there's that thing you know what to try out how that happened. Well he is yes he won me to start soccer team. And that we now have a soccer teams that he just said even the air kicker and we came hearings Friday. And when he told the blaze that day thought it was a jet but I cannot one thing that kicked forum and they really happy about it. Happy may still go up a field goal after Phil go they think that she's our picture and tell what you dead. Is in the first game last week how many. After up one after did you make. Out went six for 760. How about how beyond that we could use do. You've got quite so black and year goal. On the football team what is it that you have set for yourself but don't post it online for the people to save what is your goal that you have for yourself. I just really wanna help the team out. There you go that's okay that guys who. Actually I didn't show us your stuff right now I got a kick one porous. A cool said that you that we feel right now is that that your brother right mom brother says if you don't if you. I don't Brett. Why can't stand. Here we go. Grateful she had. Conduct and I don't give him a job on the at practice those guys don't stay out there don't bang into each other like you re everybody else does. Who want the game rolls around you widely kicker for practice but during the game you don't wanna be to kick out of all the pressure call. Naturally we saw a yeah we saw last night a game I can't get all I know we we did like that but Ashton. You want to say how your teammates and how everybody your school has rallied around you do you feel the support out there Ashton. I definitely did I have the cages and my team to thank for it. Well you are proven live because you don't what you are good at what you do you have the right spirit and another game tonight. We play it. Yes I am off op opt out yeah. Why aren't you all that bad fashion thanks so much a Big Brother to. We're coming out early this morning nugget decline thanks Ian I. Feedback data.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Soccer player Ashton White of Newton, Alabama earned a place on her high school's football team.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41978642","title":"Alabama Soccer Player Recruited for High School Football Team","url":"/GMA/video/alabama-soccer-player-recruited-high-school-football-team-41978642"}