Alaska Barista, Alleged Killer Come Face-to-Face: Caught on Tape

Police released surveillance footage of man who confessed to eight killings before killing himself.
2:36 | 12/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alaska Barista, Alleged Killer Come Face-to-Face: Caught on Tape
Let's get to the serial killer confessing on tape. It is a harrowing story about his eight victims and deadly split personality. Abc's neal karlinsky has the details. Reporter: You're watching 34-year-old israel keyes, describe over coffee and a bagel, his strategy for hunting and killing innocent people. Back when I was smart, I was letting them come to me. Just remote areas. Kind of a remote area that's not anywhere near where you live, but that other people go to, as well. Reporter: This newly-released interrogation video, shows keyes in anchorage, being questioned about a missing barista. She is seen putting her hands up. He zip ties her hands and leads her away. Telling police he killed her, and then left for a cruise out of new orleans, before asking her family for ransom. But keyes didn't just reveal the details of that brutal attack. He also revealed that he's a serial killer. There is no one who knows me, or who has ever known me, who knows anything about me, really. They know -- they're going to tell you something that is not going to line up with anything i tell you because I'm two different people, basically. Reporter: Fbi special agent jolene golden interviewed keyes over a period of months. He talked about the rush he got out of it. The adrenaline and the high from doing it. Reporter: Keyes told her he killed at least eight people, including a couple in essex, vermont, four others in washington state, and one more on the east coast, with a body hidden in new york. He told stunned agents, he left kill kits or caches buried in several states, filled with everything he'd need to commit a murder. His strategy to grab his victims in remote locations like parks, campgrounds, even a cemetery. You may not get exactly what you're -- not a lot to choose from, in a matter of speaking. But there's no witnesses. Really, there's nobody around. Reporter: Portrait of a serial killer. They believe his eight victims are only the tip of the iceberg. How long have you been two different people? A long time. 14 years. Reporter: He's done talking now. Keyes killed himself with a razor inside his cell on sunday. For "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle.

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{"duration":"2:36","description":"Police released surveillance footage of man who confessed to eight killings before killing himself.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"17892532","title":"Alaska Barista, Alleged Killer Come Face-to-Face: Caught on Tape","url":"/GMA/video/alaska-barista-alleged-killer-face-face-caught-tape-17892532"}