Alastair Moock, Daughter Make Music After Leukemia Diagnosis

The singer-songwriter discusses writing songs with his daughter in the hospital for his new album.
3:56 | 07/09/13

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Transcript for Alastair Moock, Daughter Make Music After Leukemia Diagnosis
-- -- Kenya's singer songwriter. Ouster of the state divested Chad challenging the -- -- -- talents as a musician right and listen to what wind at his daughter yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it's. One of the song is heading our way through which has released today that I won't get wet -- get involved and just having fun and it and celebrating the moments and they're not letting it get him down I watch as I believe. We'll inspiration I love. Love love apparent love who will take the situation and he made this. This is their life this is -- -- live with every day and the joy and here they need happiness that it has been and normalcy in their lives right and there working the best again. To try to get better to try and any in the process. Whole Lotta love and a whole lot of happiness and normal -- Drag this out there is here with -- -- Yeah. And age I don't know why the. I asked. Yeah I really amazing dad you are -- -- for sharing your story hold hearings on congratulations on the elderly and only -- OK all right here doesn't like -- -- songs. We started in the hospital -- when we were all in there. And it was very therapeutic you know that -- the original purpose was just to get us through. And clear and I started writing songs that would about a monkey we wrote about taking a little walk outside. And then when we got home and cancer became the new normal I kept writing songs about this experience. And it is their hit but what do you hope will come -- -- well the the plan is to get this to patients and hospitals around the country. We ended up. With a with a group of songs that kind of look at what it's like to live with cancer from a lot of different angles when it's like for parents -- Yes please. -- for siblings there's a song called have you ever been jealous which is a big issue yeah. Not -- is that -- -- a question to and it's confusing because it's like you don't want to be in that position but yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just don't want yeah we just entered our second -- team to tune your treatment plants so it's a long long haul. -- -- -- Now the here's what I love there -- a lot of folks who just get kind of caught up in the negativity in this and you decided to make your home. In some ways have kind of a normal balance of happiness and joy and all of this stuff in the process where. We're what what was the moment where it turned out for you for -- like I have to make this a happy life. -- -- -- Happiness was less than gold then just confronting -- you know it was this feeling of like. This is our new mom -- that he -- control and we need to take until we it was about sort of having some ownership over this experience because it's a very. Especially for kids it feels like down here. All of your control has been taken away in Kenya also need a doctor's Todd immune Paul -- from -- available wherever they get this album. I'm the website is singing -- wave dot com I'm and it'll be out on iTunes and Amazon today actually what -- and I love -- -- world. -- -- yeah I love that. And www. -- music dot com website. Great place them. Thank you aliens. It. It's not only on -- important to him. Really nice -- -- -- thanks so glad we didn't finish -- I -- I think we're lucky because you brought something in our day that I didn't even expect today to thank you very much an average -- idea everybody at least you check out.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"The singer-songwriter discusses writing songs with his daughter in the hospital for his new album. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19617717","title":"Alastair Moock, Daughter Make Music After Leukemia Diagnosis","url":"/GMA/video/alastair-moock-daughter-clio-write-album-singing-lukemia-19617717"}