Soccer Star Alex Morgan on Her New Book 'Win or Lose'

The Olympic gold medalist publishes her third book in a series to empower middle school girls.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Soccer Star Alex Morgan on Her New Book 'Win or Lose'
A lot of cheering out here. Look who is here. Sarina's favorite person in the whole world. My daughter's hero, Alex Morgan, an olympic gold medalist. World cup silver -- we're not going talk about that. Slooes just published her new book, "Win or lose." It's from her series for middle schoolgirls. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Thank you. Let's talk about the olympics. The first time we had you in. So the gold medal slipped around the neck. As awesome as one assumes? More. More than I could have ever dreamt. That was the one moment I was like, wow, I'm living in this moment right now. This sun wael real. It's great. I want to add the book. It's win or lose. It's the third in the series. Third of three. Last one. Perfect. Tell me about it. It's a book about middle schoolgirls soccer team and just how they jug wl school and soccer. Maybe boys as well. This is a third of three books. It kind of ends their season and you have to read to see how they did. We talk a lot about the evolvi evolving gender roles. They're making pink weapons for girls to use. What would a book like this have been like for you the have as a young girl? It would have been awesome for me. There's so many books out there garnered toward boys. And toward, you know, male sports. But nothing really just for female sports. For female soccer. For me, growing up at leetic and all sorts of sports, it was real important for me to put this out there. Because I definitely could have benefitted from this. You know, it's great to see the reception it's gotten. I hope your daughter gets to read it. She will. When she's older. One of the true cross-over stars. We have, I know, the selfie you took. Tens of thousands of people liking it. That's not a surprise if you're familiar with her and social media. Can we take a question from the instagram wall? You can choose here. I can choose. Come on. Come on. Oh, got it. What convinced you to get on the usa soccer team? Alex Morgan. Who is your role model. We love you, Alex. Thank you, girls. No one convince me to be on the national team. I wanted to -- be an olympic gold medalist since the -- since I was 7. Your role models are who? Mine are, I looked up to Christine lily, Mia hamm, getting on the national team and in high school. I wanted to make my parents proud. They were the two people that came to every game and just, one of my biggest fans.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The Olympic gold medalist publishes her third book in a series to empower middle school girls.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23032724","title":"Soccer Star Alex Morgan on Her New Book 'Win or Lose'","url":"/GMA/video/alex-morgan-olympic-gold-medalist-publishes-win-lose-23032724"}