Alex Rodriguez Accuses MLB of Smear Campaign

Embattled baseball star fights back to protect his reputation.
3:00 | 10/05/13

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Transcript for Alex Rodriguez Accuses MLB of Smear Campaign
this half-hour with fighting words from alex rodriguez, taking aim at major league baseball, over smeerg campaign. Good morning. It's october. We should be talking playoff baseball, right? It's been a busy off-season for alex rodriguez, even more so for his lawyers. Filing two separate lawsuits. It's clear we're closer to the beginning of this story than anywhere near its conclusion. Alex rodriguez is fighting back against the very institution they made him a household name. In a lawsuit filed in new york supreme court late friday night, he accused major league baseball and the commissioner bud selig in engaging in torturous conduct. It comes after a week of grievance hearings. That sentence could cross the 38-year-old tens of millions of dollars and quite possibly his career. I see it as mostly a desperate move, his reputation has been tarnished to the point where, I'm not sure he'll ever get it back. Reporter: Rodriguez's attorneys claim that commissioner selig knew about the mlb use of performance enhancing substances. A statement released from major league baseball deny those claims. I was suspended four times longer than the others here. What's going on? Reporter: Rodriguez is one of 14 major league baseball players to be suspended this season. That includes milwaukee brewers star ryan braun. Last night, a second lawsuit was filed by team a-rod against the yankee team doctor and the hospital where he works allegedly med mall practice. This battle off the field may be prove to be just as fierce. This process has just begun. They want to respect it every step of the way. We'll hear about this well through the playoffs. He'll fight it every day. It will give us an excuse to bring you back. Time now for weather and get

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{"id":20480707,"title":"Alex Rodriguez Accuses MLB of Smear Campaign","duration":"3:00","description":"Embattled baseball star fights back to protect his reputation.","url":"/GMA/video/alex-rodriguez-accuses-mlb-smear-campaign-20480707","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}