Ali Wentworth Delivers Pop News for 'GMA'

Comedian, and George Stephanopoulos' wife, brings laughs to a special edition of "GMA" Pop News.
2:32 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for Ali Wentworth Delivers Pop News for 'GMA'
We're going to check in with our "pop news" correspondent, ali wentworth. Glad to be here. I'll be anchoring "this week" with george stephanopoulos. Prince is known for his steamy, spicy videos. But on tuesday, he launched his twitter account, using a different type of spice, pepper. A picture of a salad with the words, did I add too much pepper? And here's a bonus for you. His first selfie. That's like the prince we know and love. What's he doing there? It's a kind of purple haze self-portrait. I don't know why he's on twitter. Shouldn't he send a little dove out with a message anytime he has something to say? I notice he tweets in all-caps. He yells at you on twitter. He yells and misspells. I find it offensive. I yell, too, on e-mail. Yes. I hear it. George is a screamer. And I get scared. You can follow him at 3eyegirl. I don't know if this is verified. Is this prince? And who better to welcome to twitter, am I right? Agreed. Okay. Let's go to meet him after the show. Lara, you and I were both blushing virgin brides. Of course. This one bride turned into bridezilla when dealing with her bridesmaids. She had 80 of them. Katie, a dance instructor, where josh first got his license in england, couldn't stand the thought of using just a few of her students. So, she invited the entire school. I don't know about you. But I had no bridesmaids. I don't know 80 people. I had to pay my two sisters to stand there and look happy. Anyway, you can look at them in their pink matching gowns. There was a groom in the church. And when the bride maids entered, they swarmed on her. Finally, you know how much george and I love a rodent. Our two guinea pigs, our life partners. Check this out. This a little speed eater. There are our babies. Look how beautiful our babies are. Look at this guy. A hamster. And he's eating corn. And it's gone viral. Speed eating. It gives new meaning to the word gross. Oh, no. They just made a documentary about it. Don't get embarrassed, lara. I'm not. I'm totally not. Let's go to the weather.

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{"id":19967124,"title":"Ali Wentworth Delivers Pop News for 'GMA'","duration":"2:32","description":"Comedian, and George Stephanopoulos' wife, brings laughs to a special edition of \"GMA\" Pop News.","url":"/GMA/video/ali-wentworth-delivers-pop-news-gma-19967124","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}