Alleged 'Ninja Robbers' Home Invasion Caught on Camera

Details are emerging on how these alleged robbers picked their victims.
3:04 | 07/12/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Alleged 'Ninja Robbers' Home Invasion Caught on Camera
A busy half hour and that's one thing coming up. First the so-called ninja robbers accused in a terrifying home invasion and it was all caught on camera. Leading their tied up victims through the home as you can see right here, even putting a pillowcase over one of their heads. Now through jailhouse interviews we're learning more about how they chose which hopes to target and it's information any robber can find out about your own house. ABC's Mara schiavocampo is here with more. Mara. Reporter: Good morning. We're learning more about these home invasions from one of the men allegedly involved. He says a key part of picking which home to rob was based on which homes were easiest to break into and that they simply used Google Earth to figure that out. One of the alleged Florida ninja robbers is speaking out in a newly released interview with police. He'll go enter through an open door or he'll wait for the people to come out. Reporter: In the video one suspect frank bower arrested on may 12th tells investigators how he and his alleged accomplices planned and executed a string of robberies in Florida and Texas. So the home invasions, it was just all about the home up vegas. Jewelry and cash. What do they look for when picking a house to rob. Easy entry. Reporter: He says to find it the team of alleged crooks put a new spin on an old ago tick, casing the homes online. On that Google Earth and he can look at the houses and the way they go in and out and he made all that decision. Reporter: They pick out a residence and pull it up on Google hurt which can give you a picture of maybe the front door. You can look at the entrances, exits, how you're going to get into the house. Reporter: Watch as these armed men dressed as jinks hold Brian and Camilla hostage in their central home in Florida after laying in wait for the pair to come home. It was horrible. I mean I've never had a gun pointed at me. Reporter: Investigators say the trio snuck the garage, ambushing the pair when they got home, tied them up and put pillowcases over their heads. Throughout the entire event, we were quite alarmed. I remember trying to keep my mind focused on a positive outcome, just so that the fear didn't overcome me. Reporter: The victims let go only after handing over expensive jewelry and other valuables. They made off with several nice watches and the thing that I probably valued the most, a gold coin that I wore around my neck which was a treasure coin and I really miss that. I wish I could get that back. That was in my opinion the price for my life. Reporter: Now, Bauer claims he was not the ringleader of the group. That one of the other men was. Bower pleaded not guilty and his lawyer tells us he has not entered into any plea agreement. They waited so long for the homeowner to come back they got tired and left and wanted people to come home so they could lead them around the house. Earlier we were talking about how technology can save lives and now we see people turning to technology like Google maps. And anyone can look at your home and see where the doors or windows are and figure out a plan. Thanks, guys. Now let's get an update of the

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{"id":24534954,"title":"Alleged 'Ninja Robbers' Home Invasion Caught on Camera","duration":"3:04","description":"Details are emerging on how these alleged robbers picked their victims.","url":"/GMA/video/alleged-ninja-robbers-home-invasion-caught-camera-24534954","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}