Allergy Free Snacks

Stacie Billis, author of the blog One Hungry Mama, shares two allergy free summer snacks.
2:48 | 05/23/13

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Hi this Stacey from one hungry -- -- Whipping up here are my favorite easy allergy friendly fabrics -- Apart snack at my favorite here -- it I love it happened like magic. This snapped his free living as a hockey without. All you need is some milk and use your favorite -- -- can drink. Or if you're gonna make an allergy free version chocolate right now that's over -- today. For every cup of milk were in any sport -- things that -- -- When you have on your ingredients all you have to do -- mix them all up in a ball and then went with what others are really important he -- -- clock. You really want to make sure that you -- -- all -- because all of the -- really well. When did you that -- -- that from the bridge. And three hours later overnight if you have the time you pull -- that snapped its own delicious -- exactly that texture tapioca Friday. Healthier and Justin -- Even more so you count how -- it -- So what -- my other. Favorite favorite snack is Greek yogurt plain and I like to mix it went very -- maple syrup honey whatever I've got on him. And this summer like to mix it up. These Atlantic dairy yogurt ice box where these are made with Gary -- -- free of gluten and all of the other top -- -- To make me if I'm using plain cream yogurt. But if you want to make it very street -- breaking news culture coconut. You can finding her younger guys you're also gonna need -- that. -- -- Favorite -- -- while kind of her multiple times. Friends and more brash and used present don't -- worry about and processing needs some -- Gelatin and a little bit of boiling water. Plenty of all your ingredients in order to whisk together the younger -- the lemon sat eleven she's and that there. And don't worry that Mary Kate she's the end smashed up giving it really beautiful font color. In a separate -- you whisk together the honey and the gelatin with a little bit of the hot water and -- that it. Then combine the yogurt mixture with the gelatin mixture. We're digging -- making guest pop coming your freezer. Three hours later -- -- these refreshing treat are perfect for when camp comes home after a lot Wednesday at my sons. My kid actually thought of these for -- things I feel relief. For the -- -- proof allergy free doesn't have to mean fun prayer takes a break. Also does that mean a whole lot of extra work from. Check out below for the -- recipes and tell -- what are your favorite allergy treatment.

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{"id":19244730,"title":"Allergy Free Snacks","duration":"2:48","description":"Stacie Billis, author of the blog One Hungry Mama, shares two allergy free summer snacks.","url":"/GMA/video/allergy-free-snacks-19244730","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}