Allison Janney on Oscar nom: 'I couldn't be happier'

Janney told "GMA" she was celebrating her best supporting actress Oscar nomination for "I, Tonya" with a mimosa and friends.
3:53 | 01/23/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Allison Janney on Oscar nom: 'I couldn't be happier'
We're excited about all the nominees but this one in particular I Tonya is Allison Janney is now on the line. Just nominated for best supporting actress congratulations. I remember well remember when you weren't here and you're excited about the Golden Globe nomination. That you received that morning and this the recognition. That you are receiving for this role capping off at this nomination announced a mostly great morning. Thank you know Mike I could not be more extra it is I am I mean it really is. Truth history and it's a dream come true I am I was awoken by it. Why did find that might influence from New York could be here for that for the announcement that never been more surprised by them or try it. Did what happened this morning I'm so grateful. An ounce in what's surprising actually you've had such an incredible career and this is your first. Oscar nomination where doesn't feel like. I can't give me if there is something I thought I would never I don't know I could I thought I'd get help. I've always wanted to be like you've not been and and if so incredibly desolate look too good to be true especially because my. I'm can devote his role for me. Because that he always getting good look appropriately within Dockery that I didn't think it was yeah. I couldn't resist honors. Truly a really special mourning for me. Me your character of your character blue audiences the way we you read this script that was written for you did you have the feeling that you were. In a special movie. That I know I definitely knew the crip who I was really taken with the script. I thought that the way to put it together we really think this thing it was very shaking up the typical biopic and I. I would really proud of that I thought this could be really really good guys definitely excited when I read it I didn't know. But it would be received the way it went with that even more special because I mean I think that it could take that thing. I don't know. I didn't think the weapon was going to be had. So what a lot of hot yeah. At an annual grad. And your costar Margot Robbie as well getting a nod pretty incredible now and out of our editor whose time has been PS. Stating editor I'm excited for for the leadoff. I live that was just movies that have not been quite got what they think that the leader of the as the this season that was great movies that. I'm broke from Arco like with the try to find her Albert caller yeah. I'm sure he'll be eleven do you as a young person growing up was the Oscars the that you would watch and imagine standing in front of the mirror and. I've got it exactly why and I don't think I ever imagined that speed because they. And it's terrible writer I would never pretended like imaginable I think that's how would put got good help with that. Whoopi Goldberg. School when I was feeling like while first Broadway play with my clients while I would. Their houses that was her Oscar and that was picked he has often thinking because I hope some day. Because it's Ethiopia that raise wouldn't amazing thing with really. Really cool anytime you see whenever I fight back CBS who had loudly dominated that would have perhaps helped her. I'm Karen is truly a remarkable thing is to have an incredible accomplishment an incredible honor. The I couldn't be happier. You on drinking has across the I'm out there right now. Helena as you. Bad effects save a little bit for us everything you just like people over how she needs this president hosts okay we'll look. You know Alvin you do their vision won the golden glow he won the sag award not you rougher the Oscar was so happy for you really don't we wish you the best in thank you for joining that this time there are happy doing your thing you have a great day.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Janney told \"GMA\" she was celebrating her best supporting actress Oscar nomination for \"I, Tonya\" with a mimosa and friends.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52548858","title":"Allison Janney on Oscar nom: 'I couldn't be happier'","url":"/GMA/video/allison-janney-oscar-nom-happier-52548858"}