Allison Williams on what moviegoers might learn from 'Get Out'

Williams appears on 'Popcorn With Peter Travers' to talk about her new role in the box office thriller 'Get Out'
18:41 | 03/03/17

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Transcript for Allison Williams on what moviegoers might learn from 'Get Out'
Since Nielsen only son. So. How handsome he. And its fans. They Nielsen. So piecing through. I'll. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers welcomed the popcorn where we tell you what's happening at the movies. And my guess they Allison Williams. He's in a movie that I am crazy. Kate what do you call did is it Harmon the is the funny yeah are does it kinda scary to death. Yeah does it have laughs that's the king's route which mean they're Smart. Yeah. And it has a great performance. In New York. And he'd be here yeah and constantly. For having mrs. freon for air mouse is at my house. It notes meaning you can be. But with popcorn two. Well this I didn't even. I didn't know this real situation. And start strapped into. The popcorn at you and the bottom end of popcorn very again. There. It you know so you we've established that everyone should see them. That you really terrific and it's or work is done yet thought that's it let's hope and expect a strained right now. You know this is the B time free it's girls. Is it ever. Ever you'll never see these ladies again unless Lance follows through on things that she's been mentioning it like more than one here you about times. Movie. Yet that's cashing in. That growth build with unfinished business yet but I think that is acting in a pretty great to see you later at tanner. I can't tell whether after what is it six seasons that your all sickened each other or whether you must have in real life were like sisters. And then weigh in on con electorate. They weren't in moments during this that he knew and when you're not shooting Grozny and now yes except where home each it's very hard to are. We tax it. And we make a lot of plans that we simultaneously can't with greatly. And it. It's it's a very specific times like there's some the closest people it is. Sad it together and actually enjoy each other's company so it's not like where only other experience. Also perhaps would have chose Harris but that's you know I'm saying is because some people it's. And let me say this in Oreo. What and there are some people who admit. That you know ago now I don't see me I mean you're wonderful I'd love you. But. Now when did you mean isn't this half hour yet so early summer and it's not like we are on Lott alliance twenty. Our feeling that I think I would. Turning. To act. I've looked at or warranting its equity and arch all Ali's climactic week actor first table read something everybody and it's hearing weird. That act of that happening Taylor it's having an eight dollars late march and my body yeah pairing up to do that again. But Barney on girls can be. Fury at you now they would times indeed with dizzy I just go. What playing her it's really faster. Often because it was this feeling of knowing batter from a bird's idea. And then still having to do so anytime she slept as some act thanks achievements which he almost always. She has this one Achilles heal it is just the entire category of man. Small issue. And it was and not and her instinct to perform in the most you know pertain moments where the two things that residents surging ten to play. Because when I sing so for example Marty comes to an office party and delivers day very uncomfortable rendition of stronger by Connie lass. When I shot that I had an air Wii gaming here with the backtrack but the crowd and extras could not near the back. So it just sounded like I immediately and aka how unbroken tumors cancer and it is even more. I heard you on some interview one and you just said I just burst into song. And I have to threaten them because people need to do that it's just the way at. All is that just when I was desk tops is everything could be so where's. According typically. But you in choosing what you do which with the home I mean you went on girls didn't do anything wasn't laughed. What I'm Hanson that parents it was something that they knew I wanted to do accidents are preparing has made how to feeling. Cadillac. And made it pretty clear I went to school and that's up that mustang what was your accent English so that Israelis. I just love the idea of where it all begat ripping and my parents plan ahead and that. He cannot do this until you go to college because they I asked former ears and needs develop. And should she decides she wants to pursue that avenue Corey if nine at least not for glory years of emotional moment on the there. So you go to Yale where there's nothing but Yale drama school and I major ending its. And mostly composite passes in this that he needs advice and wellness center but this is an appease him I think got frowned. Summer job I did gratis aid production since I'm Robert Altman's lots of prayer can. And Merrill history it. Named Ana. Told me OK. And it hits hard act that name that was that happy. And she told means that. If I was gonna go to college and study as much as I can be ravenous office about it hands. Do theater do you acting. But don't necessarily study it uses here's to ask him does not think that site yet at Yale drama school queen. Herself but actually that's it the ice at if you want it to go back disaster before exactly. So that when I took that to heart that I was in an improper comedy group that did it in rise musicals as well. That my whole training. And it. I just learned a lot and and it graduated and meat add music video oh that's like famous that's like I don't know it's a whole mad men thing and doing the triple. That. YL and handling it can call something and then all giants lost fat and some aren't in me which is what's so interest. Yeah because I saw that night in the anymore I didn't and then Jordan he'll slap Peter Pan and east were so you or your rose Armitage. Jeremy getting. Is coming from Peter Pan. Weirdly he signed here and she can do it she's at least not going to be afraid of any of how I'm kind of seeing it. We were home because there's something at the core yet and apparent problem. Yes in what is your major parent one case really abandon that. These residents are very six very. Catherine Keener and threatened Medford which are cool parents I mean that's how them as much here we go into this life yes here's where I think we can we basically talk happened ten song. The cops are after the first Latin speak. So I bring my black boyfriend comes meaning he apps I've told them if you if that he's black I think now. I have liberal nice well meaning parent I don't miss it. And sure enough they early flinch when he shows up but and it starts and noticed because as seen through his eyes. That they're using words and typically is there doing hand gestures that they typically do and that there's just A at a little extra something. In terms in that they're treating. And it quickly becomes kind of the story this relationship and all of that we half for each other. Leaving its context. City where diversity is just kind of part of the fabric of our daily lives and going to suburb that's why not exclusively way. And realizing that the people I've grown up it may not have the racial thing and then it's. It's deny a racial awakening in terms of realizing what the science is actually life outside of our next. And is learning to be more communicative with me you know things start to feel weird. And so those of the two main arcs that are characters and it's kind of well permanently. What we're seeing in this that we can say is that there's a lot of in the way liberal elitism. The co opting a black. Culture totally back him up a lot like the idea that you contest late they've shown this a lot of people circulated that a woman can just gone up and feel as mussels patent that transgression of privacy and personal space. It's just some entitled to her by acts by the virtue of their different races. The idea of feeling like you're the object of Boyer is that white gays. The amazing thing that hurt and killed is that he positions the audience increases Hughes. So already subverting our time a pretty major expense not really about you it's a draft young about the end. And we're seeing everything through his eyes and so for white audiences it's also informative in terms of what. May feel uncomfortable on a social situation and they may not be aware. Should be it but if you're it's it'll be. But don't. Just mention Tiger Woods to a black that's. Gary and ask yourself if what I say this to a white person at the answers now probably don't say it to what he dad showing. You know Graham with Jesse Owens in the up. We need yes many indications that water is that it wouldn't. There's time yet predict that with a lot of company. Yes that if there's a sense. As this is going on of something menacing and can't wait but our thing yet and it people are worried that the trailers at. Oh now it if anything agent seek to but I will say this that they will never would give you the same way again. Now we. Lot that last and it's crazy but you coming through this we. The background you described themes like you're protected. Yeah. And let him in Jeddah. When we see her with these people we've seen. Camp it worried about that may be a neurosurgeon. And money may be hit no therapist yes. And those are suspicious. Occupations that and B but they're stable what you grew without so it's it's. Parents doing but your parents that sent you out to the world saying yes do what ever you want. It's great I'm girls you have more six anymore but don't do them it's. And that was something I cannot believe looking back. So it was time for me it taxed for that which I thought it was locked into a room with identical looking girls. Spiraling to sell that. But in reality just as a rehearsal. But note before you can go to task for all you need to sign your deals and that when. Healy keep it went you can't renegotiate. Underinsured Latin. So. We were almost done doing a deal and then they were like owing mean does this mean immigrants in entry and Angela and I let that if they that explode the red meat you 800 million of these. And I can't elect Nancy if you sign and it has your opens the conversation and that means that one. Coming in tonight why. Think I don't mean. I just how can sign. And they were so stunned and snow up against it time lines that I think they just really are switching to get swept up by us now what effort coming your son. And I really meant it and they gave up like season to you. And it's just I didn't wanted to give Bernie. Almost all say there there are things. That felt like they should be mine and folic. But. I love that you when you got out of school. You took these jobs to be on a set what I had he did the all he did that was before my senior high school. So I did those in school those jobs and I graduated at cool generally it would be because not only in prairie home companion which is elements maybe. But because of insurance things he had an PTA. He had to have Paul Thomas Anderson. There in case anything happened so you're round Lilly. Carol client Lindsay Lohan has done silently era at any. Geeky friend girl play. But I just and I tried to absorb as much like attract me myself indispensable. Police I tried to be ubiquitous. Somehow I tried to be everywhere silent letters like Carolina and yes she is and then learn that they can trust me ask me for something it never lives. They tried to have me in the office as an office PA but quickly given every time when the actors are coming at the office to do our solar something they would lose me entirely. Ari you know it discolored sent axis. Impossible but he's got to do and thank. And it took such high end he. In the proper act's education all of those little jobs in the service other actors work winds of between that and being a second assistant TSA. All. Pre ged and also as the utilities in the pilot aboard empire sanskrit seas act and I've done every job that gets yelled. I've done every dog that gets to set our and it's not Grand Canyon as the first person. It was once you have that on your ballot going on stage actors an entirely different experience because they're so much gratitude that sort of awareness and the fact that. He blew their powers before you Aaron and hours after you leave communes of vastly easiest technical job and not opponents dual doing something that could break an arm and I found one night you know. And the once you have that you're thinking people can be route are snappy communion Lucy asked what percent he could hear yourself. Just nineteen is the way feel that a crew and the sat. There's no. You know to go back and judge sees this holiday you made and then they say come to girls and say no I'm not signing this nudity and Hank didn't and then they still captive and he did that and now you've come than you go to Peter Pan. And stay on girls to the end and now go to get out. I will is okay I've community in my entire life and over the course of six years that girls a lot. Along that it you want but a lot of money get. And so that feeling rejections not asleep at some object a lot Nancy zone around and are making here. Your true. I feel great about the fact because it's hard you know Cassini way. Which is fine understand way it's a compliment but mostly it's going. But that and to spots as well great about it really it's my jobs you. After. So it's. Back has been in. Fact saying can I just decided I love movies silence act and of the union writers and be too much to copper mines and going to wait for the right. And I waited and waited and things in work outer I didn't want things became anyway and then into plain box comes it's fair for dirt he opting just. When is he dike on the set is he funny or is he signing to proceed and in Avalon today counteract Anez Tracey Morgan. Or a box. I'm totally he slipped and and just to get us giggling like at dinner scenes shot for like an entire afternoon by the and there are very tired. And he just time and I won't even try to do you actions learning what I learned from but he's so fop hall and careful about it some deliberate you can how you can tell that it's a movie they agree on key Hayley. He alerted win. This subject. Lot of time and fastest this skit they did called negro tan that is the wonderful thing but we haven't I been good -- hand it really given way and I want to zone and I think that's under another day. Under this this. Beauty and cool again is that you are an excellent yeah. But we did that come on of course it's there it's. But this show first time he'd been here you know I begged for years and they said. Is fair. And it's. It is in song. So I don't know what's new and but I would just I would so two year. You have any suggestions I'd write in the unit with you she did all to sir with who which just made me cry. Themselves we. No suggestions are bad they should calm from new. In you could go back to Condit if that's what you're listening to it it's not even. Ailing it thanks to an agent. Say range not. Mean this is and kitten. Well. Right copper can. And paper packages. It out mister Haynes. These. U. A pain and see now Alison. Your one of my. Look at that. It is good wasn't it. I didn't know I didn't see it it was here. But thank you thank you thinking of we have the weaponry aren't Ella excellent.

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