Allure of Rebel Dirt Bike Pack Explored in '12 O'Clock Boys'

Film shows how group is menace to some, inspiration to others.
3:00 | 02/10/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Allure of Rebel Dirt Bike Pack Explored in '12 O'Clock Boys'
Inner city Baltimore nine hometown clearance in neighborhoods drugs and violence -- just the facts of -- Meet the -- -- of Baltimore. We employers Q4 wheels and so today's -- from city to fit their private playground. Racine Wi -- acrobats with the attitude they called themselves the 12 o'clock -- The police and many others view them as a public safety as I believe you know we lose -- -- 1015 laps. Every summer. And reference to their but for the bike riding -- -- the safest option streets provide. You are not right way to do all the wrong and Baltimore city publishing and selling drugs violence -- On the first things you see that she actually wanna do is -- -- -- -- won the first things you see this positive. And that's -- twelve year old -- 14 season. His nickname this -- Street riding his his version of the boy -- Being part of a pack he's just 3388. What are you want to be -- 12 o'clock boys so badly. Because this. This fund what do you feel what do you think when your right and -- -- so -- I felt like a superhero. Feel like. -- -- They don't and I. Yeah. We'll. -- going on in life. Home -- Ski school room. -- The group is named after their trademark maneuver speeding down the street with their front -- pointing straight up 12 o'clock. -- the subject of a controversial new documentary that bears their name. The 12 o'clock boy -- yeah that's happening. Again. The film follows -- for three years from precocious twelve year old who loves animals. To an edgy often angry teenager -- by circumstance. -- mother cocoa brown struggles to -- him on her own. You can get lap the -- thing he's barely. It's something that has that worried about buys -- -- -- But in many ways it is the bikers who are raising him. But the city's embellished average salary really -- she can raise broad brush up she shouldn't have to one person trying to raise and I guess it's a lack. -- these older -- -- mentors to you. Did like eight times this school do -- mile route pistol classes they just telling folk -- school don't -- about bikes. -- group Baltimore when I think about the man who mentored me there are many in my church that for preferred someone -- Pug who needs to rebel. He's working against something he's seen enough by a certain age that he's got a kind of hard edge. And it's going to be an unconventional way of growing you know it has to be through rebellion. Director lucky Nathan started following the group for project of the college student in Baltimore -- with a 12 o'clock boys have been called a fearless pack. Big game. A menace troublemakers -- which you call. The rebels. I think that there are also. Mentors there are also children it's actually kind of we have edification for a lot of kids -- Baltimore it's kind of like the Boy Scouts -- something. In the context of what -- can really be in Baltimore and what violence can really -- more crime. For a city its size Baltimore's one of the most violent crime and drug Britain and America. There were 235. Murders last year 29 so far this EU say -- -- Baltimore isn't -- -- -- be careful. Q did she. Sometimes for no reason just -- -- content -- can be seen. Kind of violent -- in two seven take an adult law. Bullet just cannot elderly. -- -- There's probable as he should -- got to Elliot John I guess he was because he was able. What's that due to a young person duty used to those things started -- -- to people case. Well -- gone and another look that down as a role model Ali who couldn't -- But there -- real dangerous -- By Chris have been severely injured some have been killed and Baltimore police can do only so much officers usually don't chase the bikers for fear of excellence. Don't wanna -- -- of innocent people by chasing them unless they committed a violent -- but. At the same time. They -- them running around -- -- -- high speed is about that in itself. When the violence in the streets of Baltimore can take your life at any minute by comparison riding a bike doesn't seem so dangerous. -- -- -- -- -- I don't and they have found its -- -- -- As an old guy. I think sometimes children shouldn't think that way shouldn't have those concerned I don't think they will likely -- that -- out guard up. I see people get Shaq -- they never know when -- tapped its. For plug -- children like the road out of Baltimore is lined with more obstacles and even the most skilled 12 o'clock boy could ever maneuver. Easily for -- I'm Byron Pitts involved.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Film shows how group is menace to some, inspiration to others.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22440918","title":"Allure of Rebel Dirt Bike Pack Explored in '12 O'Clock Boys'","url":"/GMA/video/allure-rebel-dirt-bike-pack-explored-12-oclock-22440918"}